Originally named Sun Wen, sun Yat-sen to be born on November 12, 1866 in Xiangshan county, Guangdong. Come this day, much more than 150 years after his birth, Sun is among the many revered politics figures amongst Chinese people. His mainly reputation is a an outcome of his fight versus – and also eventual fall of – the Qing Dynasty.

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Though born come a sharecropper family members with a Hakka and also Cantonese background, Sun’s education and learning was hugely affected by west thought. During his childhood, that would often listen to an old soldier re-publishing his stories of the Taiping Rebellion, which instilled the belief that “all males are born equal” in his mind. In ~ the period of 10, he started schooling and went to live v his brother sunlight Mei in Honolulu after finishing main education.

While living in Hawaii, Sun got a western education and also learned around Christianity. His brother, who believed that a Chinese human being should uphold your traditions, sent him ago to China in 1883. Although, much to his brother’s dismay, sunlight was i was baptized a year later in Hong Kong.

Sun once he to be 17 years old. Photo via thepaper.cn

Soon after his return home, Sun’s revolutionary nature began to surface. One day, he was conference a childhood friend, Lu Houdong, in ~ Cuiheng village’s Beiji Temple and also saw villagers worshipping the Beiji God (literally ‘God of the north Pole’). Seeing the these villagers to be living in abject poverty and also resorting to together a fanciful means to improve their lives, Sun and also his friend later destroyed the temple’s Beiji statue.

This radical move seriously infuriated their fellow villagers, forcing sunlight to escape to Hong Kong. He later on studied medicine in GuangzhouandHong Kong before obtaining a license as a medical doctor from the university of medication for Chinese (now the university of Hong Kong) in 1892.

Despite his achievements in his clinical studies, Sun had actually a enlarge ambition: come revolutionize the country. This ambition began to take shape throughout the Sino-French War between 1883 and also 1885, once he realizedthe Qing empire was weak, corrupt and also must be overthrown.

In the years the followed, sunlight explored a range of methods to adjust the country. In 1894, he wrote a petition to Qing Viceroy Li Hongzhang, proposing that the government should allow its people, materials, lands and logistics to fully unleash their potential. Li did no take his advice.

Disappointed, in November that the very same year, he went ago to Honolulu and founded Hsing Chung Hui (Society because that the revival of China), which would in 1905 be join by other anti-Qing revolutionary establishments to end up being Tungmeng Hui (the united Alliance League), whose goal to be to “expel Tatar barbarians, recovery Zhonghua (China), develop a unified government and also distribute floor equally amongst the people.”

In 1895, once his plot to launch the an initial Guangzhou Uprising was disclosed, he had to flee the country. During this period, he checked out a variety of Western nations, carefully studying their financial practices and also politics. His journeys abroad ultimately culminated in his well known Three values of the People: “Nationalism, democracy and also livelihood,” i beg your pardon would shape China’s democracy. In 1897, he visited Japan and also gave himself the alias that ‘Zhongshan Qiao,’ seeking teamwork with like-minded people from the Japanese government.

Sun Yat-sen (fourth indigenous left, very first row) through like-minded Japanese revolutionaries. Photo via Sohu.com

Between 1907 and 1911, sunlight led a complete of eight uprisings, including the 2nd Guangzhou Uprising, which finished in failure with the deaths of 86revolutionaries. Only 72 the them were identified and would come to be known together the ‘72 Martyrs of Hunghuagang.’ ~ above October 10, 1911, under Sun’s leadership, the very first shot that the 1911 revolution (otherwise well-known as the Xinhai Revolution) to be fired in Wuchang, Wuhan. This time, Sun and hisrevolutionaries experiencedsuccess. Within 2 months, 15 provinces claimed to secede native the Qing federal government to sign up with the newly-founded Republic that China, the which sunlight was chosen the provisionary president on December 29, 1911. His inauguration took ar the following year ~ above January 1, along with the facility of the Provisional federal government of the Republic the China.

The Wuchang Uprising. Photo via jxnews.com

However, there is no a solid army, Sun’s success didn’t critical long and also he was required to give up the presidential position to Yuan Shikai, a an effective general of the Qing government who was in charge that the Beiyang Army. Yuan turned the end to be very hungry because that power and he check to reclaim the monarchy in China v himself at the top.

Meanwhile, Sun’s efforts to save the country continued. ~ stepping down, the went on come encourage people to “save China through entrepreneurship” and also build railways, while likewise engaging in political and military moves versus the Yuan administration. During this period, he likewise reached the end to the USSR and the Communist Party the China seeking collaboration to save the country and restructured Tungmeng Hui into the Kuomintang before founding the famed Huangpu military Academy in 1924 in Guangzhou. The academy would produce numerous military talents that would play a significant role in China’s salvation.

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Sun died of liver cancer on march 12, 1925 in Beijing, leaving numerous of his aspirations unfulfilled, along with the famous line “The change has no yet succeeded, store up the tough work, comrades!” despite that, his thoughts and legacies inspired many to take it up his torch. Today, he is known as the ‘forerunner of revolution on the Chinese mainland.’ plenty of places today have actually been called after him, including Guangzhou’s sunlight Yat-sen Universityand sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, assorted Zhongshan roads across the country, and also his hometown of Xiangshan, recognized today as Zhongshan.