Back with WWE after an extensive lack, The Rock is aobtain entertaining fans through his expertise in verbal smackdowns.

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Everyone"s favorite bully has actually lengthy been making fun of opponents, announcers and even fans in the crowd. The Rock is the undebated champion of putdowns.

Vickie Guerrero and Paul Heymale have actually become his latest victims, seeing firsthand also how deft The Rock is at tossing out insults and also quips via bite.

The complying with one-liners and affronts are ranked on their creativity, just how lengthy of a shelf life they"ve had and also the reactions they earned from the crowd.

15. You Looking Like a Bloated Transvestite Wonder Woguy Ready to Fight Crime
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Before John Cena and CM Punk gained dvery own to service, signing the contract for their SummerSlam championship match, The Rock had actually a couple of things to say to his WrestleMania 28 adversary.

The Rock blasted Cena by means of a video clip.

He ripped Cena for wearing jean shorts which he sassist "nobody"s worn since "92." The actual meaty insult though was a comparison to a much less attractive variation of Wonder Woman.

With just how sensitive WWE has been because adopting a PG rating, it"s surprising the company approved of this harsh comment. Then aget, via as many kind of penis and hooker jokes as he"s thrvery own out over the past few episodes of Raw, it looks prefer The Great One has actually complimentary run of the area.

14. You Got the Spinnerooni, the Dipsy Doodle and also the Sufferin' Succotash
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When Booker T came over from WCW, he initially challenged a lashing from The Rock in preparation for their SummerSlam 2001 bout.

The WCW World title hanging on his shoulders and Shane McMahon at his side, Booker T had to stand in the ring as The Rock made fun of his signature relocate, the Spinnerooni.

The relocate, while fun to watch, has a name that provides it fairly easy to insult.

The electrified crowd gobbled up eexceptionally minute of this.

13. Undertaker with His Miccrucial Mouse Tattoos and 33-Pound Head
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A touch insane, a touch goofy, this SmackDvery own promo in Las Vegas witnessed the Rock trash talk Big Sexactly how, Kane, Undertaker and also Mankind.

It was his renote about Undertaker that is most memorable.

To say, "You have actually a big head and ugly tattoos" wouldn"t have actually much of an impression at all, but The Rock renders the idea far funnier by being extra particular.

Are Taker"s tats of the Mickey Mouse variety? Is his head really 33 pounds?

Not at all, but it"s unlikely that anyone"s momma has ever been as fat as the jokes indicate. In the game of verbal abusage, reality is to be ignored.

12. You Shrank and also Got White
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The Rock didn"t limit his victims to wrestlers. Interviewers like Mark Lloyd obtained Rock"s smackdvery own therapy as well.

Lloyd gets mistaken for the taller, darker Jonathan Coachmen.

Rock channels his inner high-institution bully and also mocks Lloyd prior to shoving him aside. His line about Lloyd"s transforming size and skin shade isn"t the cleverest thing he"s said, yet it"s among the funniest.

It"s a minute that mirrors up time and aget on clip mirrors.

11. You Can Go Right Back to the Waffle House and Sling Hash All Day
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Lance Storm was fighting for his WWE job. The Rock stood in his method.

As one can expect, The Rock didn"t just quietly go about his organization. He felt the need to humiliate Storm and entertain the fans all at once.

In the middle of a beatdown, he pulled out a list of alternate employment options for Storm. The funniest and also most significant was a gig at a Waffle House.

It takes unique skills to have the ability to toss out insults while in the middle of a match, to be out of breath and also still nail your lines.

10. The Rock Gets More Pie in a Week Than You Get in a Lifetime
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The true mark of an entertainer is just how they fare as soon as the show veers off the manuscript. 

The Rock flourimelted in a moment of improvisation. In the middle of a promo, a fan hosted out his middle finger for The Rock to soak in.

The Rock took the chance to lug the fan in as component of the show. He guessed that he had actually a lot even more luck through the females than this angry wrestling fan.

9. I'll Be Sure to Come Back When the Lakers Beat the Kings in May
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Heels dissing the local sports team is a time-honored wrestling tradition. Most of the time, it"s nothing memorable, a quick means to gain a boo. The Rock made his jab stick.

In a song directed at the Sacramento crowd, The Rock delivered an expected blow wright here it most likely hurt the the majority of.

The Kings had suffered a number of agonizing deaccomplishments courtesy of Kobe Bryant and also the Lakers. The Rock ran his nails across the wound.

The fans" reactivity quickly turned from cheering to guttural booing, signaling a project well done.

8. Who in the Blue Hell Are You?
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The Rock has dismissed many a superstar with this succinct line. It instantly categorizes the victim as inconsiderable through just seven words.

What precisely is a blue hell? It doesn"t issue what a blue hell is.

The Rock has actually delivered this line so forcecompletely and also convincingly that it has actually end up being a consistent component of his verbal arsenal.

The more well known a perkid is, the even more this stings. Ask Booker T.

7. Jabroni
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Only a handful of males can consist of words and also have them end up being component of everyone"s lexicon.

The Rock"s term for losers is currently a regular component of his speech and something folks past the wrestling human being understand. Characters on It"s Always Sunny in Philadelphia provided the term on an episode of the show.

When Chad Ochocinco asked The Rock to define the term, The Brahma Bull sent this Tweet:

ochocinco Jabroni was a term I began utilizing to describe a phony, goof, punk or a ham & egger. #NoCandyAssJabronis

— Dwayne Johnboy (
TheRock) April 17, 2012
6. It Doesn’t Matter
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Whatever before variation The Rock has done on this, it continues to be remarkably funny.

When The Rock asks you what you think, do not then start to say, "I think." He is bound to jump everywhere whatever before it is you need to say and also tell you matter-of-factly that it doesn"t issue what you think.

The exact same goes for fundamentally any question he asks.

What"s your name? Wbelow are you from? What carry out you want?

Just don"t answer him!

This simple yet reliable joke has had actually remaining power, coming to be a permanent part of Rock"s toolbox.

5. I Know the Answer to That. 2+2? Thomas Jefferkid, Sucka!
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John Cena may have believed last year that he was being abprovided by The Rock like no one else, however all those moments seem tame to how Rock took acomponent Booker T.

In this hilarious segment, The Rock explains in information how Booker T"s college life should have been.

From the bus ride to the amusingly wrong answers, Rock painted a photo so vivid, so harsh that it is now among the the majority of renowned mockeries in WWE history.

4. I Gotta Get in My Truck, Drink Some Steveweisers...
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Many kind of of The Rock"s impressions of his foes have actually not exactly been Saturday Night Live material.

These wildly inaccurate mockeries are dan additional with humor in mind than realism.

Before a Hell in a Cell battle through Rikishi, Triple H, Kurt Angle, Undertaker, and Steve Austin, The Rock went dvery own the list and also made fun of all them.

The the majority of memorable of the bunch was his ridiculous take on Stone Cold. The Rock donned a camo cap and sassist in a fake Southern accent, "I gotta acquire in my truck, drink some Steveweisers and listen to some Backstreet Boys."

On paper, that may not have sounded prefer a TV-worthy joke, yet out of The Rock"s mouth, it sounded gold.

3. Know Your Role and also Shut Your Mouth
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This catchphrase is short on the funny and also much much longer on the efficiency.

Imagine saying this to someone at job-related, or a mouthy in-legislation. It would definitely get a normal perboy in a great little bit of trouble, however for The Rock, it"s simply yet one more expression for him to hammer his foes via.

Its fame grew to the level of being put on various T-shirts. Being so straight, so punchy, it"s a putdown that Rock may never before retire.

2. SmackDvery own Hotel
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“The Rock will take you down Kcurrently Your Role Boulevard which is on the corner of Jabroni Drive and also inspect you directly right into the SmackDvery own Hotel.”

This lengthy one-liner incorporates a selection of The Rock"s catchphrases into one mega-insult.

Like with many type of of his catchphrases, he"ll vary this one up, but finishing up at the same place, the unpreferable SmackDvery own Hotel.

It"s one of the sayings that he’s appeared to have actually the most fun via over the years.

Here is a fantastic rendition of it right here.

1. Shine It Up Real Nice…
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Take a things, any type of object really and also The Rock will discover a method to insert into his many entertaining insult.

It might be Dolph Ziggler"s briefsituation, Santino"s cobra puppet or among John Cena"s wristbands. If The Rock is unhappy through among these gentlemales, he will lay out his in-depth arrangement for wright here to stick the item in question.

He will talk around exactly how he"ll shine it up genuine nice, rotate "that sumbitch" sideways and stick it best up someone"s candy ass.

It"s a catchphrase that suffers once one thinks around it also much. Why shine something once you are just going to usage it for a function certain to damage that brand-new shine?

Still, it"s also fun to be organized ago by logic. It"s Rock"s a lot of lasting insult, one that he can toss out once he shows up on Raw years and years past his prime.

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