This form of reasoning question offers you 4 words. All words, except one, are related to one one more in some manner, i.e., three words out of the four words will certainly be in the very same classification. You have to choose one word that is not related to others.

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1) Which word does not belong to others?

InchKilogram CentimeterYardSexactly how AnswerWorkspace

Answer: D


Steering wheel, engine, and also tyre are components of a automobile, so they are concerned each other.

Answer: D


Rose, lotus, and also marigold are various forms of flowers and petal is a part of the freduced.

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Answer: C


Violin, Guitar, and also Mandolin have actually strings; string tools. But, the flute is a wind instrument.

Answer: B


Lion, Tiger, and Leopard are carnivores; animals that feed on various other animals. But, the Elephant is a herbivore; an pet who feeds on plants.

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