Alison discovers the a system under her manage has to be infected v malware, i beg your pardon is making use of a keylogger to report user keystrokes come a third party. What details security residential property is this malware attacking?A. IntegrityB. AvailabilityC. AccountingD. Confidentiality
D. Confidentiality: Malicious Code and ActivityExplanation: Malicious code attacks all 3 properties of info security. In this case, the keylogger is stealing information, i beg your pardon is a violation the confidentiality.

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What is no a common sign the virus task on a system?A. Inexplicable decrease in easily accessible disk spaceB. Unanticipated error messagesC. Unforeseen power failuresD. Suddenly sluggishness the applications
C. Unforeseen power failures: proof of Virus password ActivitiesExplanation: unforeseen power fail are usually a authorize of some form of hardware problem and also are no indicative of virus task on a system.
Which kind of virus targets computer system hardware and software startup functions?A. Hardware infectorB. Device infectorC. File infectorD. Data infector
B. Mechanism infector: VirusExplanation: There are three primary species of viruses. Mechanism infectors target computer hardware and also software startup functions. File infectors attack and modify executable programs (such together COM, EXE, SYS, and also DLL documents in Microsoft Windows). Data infectors attack document files containing installed macro programming capabilities.
What file type is the very least likely to be affected by a file infector virus?A. .exeB. .docxC. .comD. .dll
B. .docx: document (Program) InfectorsExplanation: The .docx paper type is the very least likely come be affected by a paper infector virus. Document infectors typically strike program records with .com or .exe file extensions.
Adam discovers a virus top top his mechanism that is utilizing encryption to modify itself. The virus escapes detection through signature-based antivirus software. What form of virus has he discovered?A. Polymorphic virusB. Stealth virusC. Cross-platform virusD. Multipartite virus
A. Polymorphic virus: other Virus ClassificationsExplanation: Polymorphic viruses include a separate encryption engine that stores the virus body in encrypted style while duplicating the main body the the virus. The virus exposes only the decryption routine for feasible detection. It embeds the control part of the virus in the decryption routine, i beg your pardon seizes manage of the target system and decrypts the main body of the virus so that it deserve to execute.
What program, released in 2013, is an example of ransomware?A. BitLockerB. Crypt0L0ckerC. FileVaultD. CryptoVault
B. Crypt0L0cker: RansomwareExplanation: among the very first ransomware programs to be Crypt0L0cker, which to be released in 2013. Through ransomware, the attacker typically alerts the customers to the restrictions and demands a payment to restore complete access. The need for a payment, or ransom, gives this type of malware that is name.
Breanne"s device was infected through malicious password after she installed an innocent-looking solitaire video game that she download from the Internet. What type of malware walk she most likely encounter?A. VirusB. WormC. Trojan horseD. Logic bomb
C. Trojan horse: Trojan HorsesExplanation: Trojans, or Trojan equine programs, space the largest class of malware. A Trojan is any program the masquerades together a useful program if hiding that is malicious intent. The masquerading nature that a Trojan motivates users come download and also run the program.
Bob is developing a internet application that depends upon a database backend. What kind of assault could a malicious individual use to send regulates through his net application to the database?A. Cross-site scripting (XSS)B. XML injectionC. SQL injectionD. LDAP injection
C. SQL injection: InjectionExplanation: one SQL password injection assaults applications that rely on data save on computer in databases. SQL statements are placed into an intake field and also are enforcement by the application. SQL injection attacks allow attackers to disclose and also modify data, hurt data integrity, or even ruin data and manipulate the database server.
Larry recently viewed an auction listing ~ above a website. Together a result, his computer system executed code that popped increase a home window that asked for his password. What kind of assault has Larry likely encountered?A. SQL injectionB. Command injectionC. XML injectionD. Cross-site scripting (XSS)
D. Cross-site scripting (XSS): InjectionExplanation: XSS attacks allow attackers to embed client-side scripts right into webpages that customers view. When a user see a webpage through a script, the web internet browser runs the attacking script. This scripts have the right to be used to bypass accessibility controls. XSS impacts can pose comprehensive security risks, depending upon how perceptible the data are on the fragile site.
Yolanda would like to avoid attackers from utilizing her network as a relay allude for a smurf attack. What protocol have to she block?A. Hypertext deliver Protocol (HTTP)B. Transmission control Protocol (TCP)C. Internet manage Message Protocol (ICMP)D. User Datagram Protocol (UDP)
C. Internet control Message Protocol (ICMP): Smurf AttacksExplanation: In a smurf attack, attackers direct forged ICMP echo request packets come IP broadcast addresses native remote places to create denial of organization (DoS) attacks.
The CEO that Kelly"s agency recently dropped victim come an attack. The attackers sent the CEO an e-mail informing him the his company was being sued and he necessary to see a subpoena at a court website. When visiting the website, malicious code was download onto the CEO"s computer. What kind of assault took place?A. Spear phishingB. PharmingC. AdwareD. Command injection
A. Spear phishingExplanation: This scenario is a classic example of a spear phishing attack, very targeted in ~ an individual and including information about the company.
Gwen is investigating an attack. An intruder managed to take over the identity of a user who was legitimately logged in come Gwen"s company"s website by manipulating Hypertext move Protocol (HTTP) headers. Which type of attack likely take it place?A. Session hijackingB. XML injectionC. Cross-site scriptingD. SQL injection
A. Session hijacking: How can Attackers strike Web Applications?Explanation: session hijacking is an attack in which the attacker intercepts network messages in between a internet server and also a internet browser. It extracts one or much more pieces that data, most frequently a session ID, and uses that to connect with the net server. The attacker pretends to it is in an authorized user by taking over the authorized user"s session.
What is NOT one of the 4 main purposes of an attack?A. Denial of availabilityB. Data importC. Data modificationD. Launch point
B. Data import: The function of one AttackExplanation: The 4 main functions of an strike are refusal of availability, data modification, data export, and also as a beginning point.
What tool might be provided by an attacker throughout the enlightenment phase of an assault to glean information about domain registrations?A. WhoisB. Simple Network management Protocol (SNMP)C. PingD. Domain Name system (DNS)
A. Whois: DNS, ICMP, and Related ToolsExplanation: Whois is a tool that gives information on domain registrations, including the registrar, name servers, and the surname of the registering organization
Brian would like to command a harbor scan versus his solution to determine just how they look from an attacker"s viewpoint. What tool have the right to he use for this purpose?A. PingB. Simple Network administration Protocol (SNMP) agentC. NmapD. Remote accessibility Tool (RAT)
Val would prefer to border the websites the her individuals visit come those on one approved list of pre-cleared sites. What form of approach is Val advocating?A. BlacklistingB. Context-based screeningC. Packet filteringD. Whitelisting
D. Whitelisting: staying Ahead of the AttackersExplanation: Whitelisting is maintaining a perform of reliable sites. Every messages and connection requests native sites no in the whitelist space ignored. Any site that you wish to use must be added to your whitelist before connections are allowed.
What ISO protection standard can aid guide the production of one organization"s protection policy?A. 12333B. 17259C. 27002D. 42053
C. 27002: Implementing effective Software best PracticesExplanation: consider implementing one ISO/IEC 27002-compliant protection policy. ISO/IEC 27002 is the many widely recognized security standard
What form of mechanism is deliberately exposed come attackers in an attempt to attract them out?A. HoneypotB. Bastion hostC. Internet serverD. Database server
A. HoneypotExplanation: Honeypots space sacrificial hosts and services deployed at the edge of a network to act as bait because that potential hacking attacks. Typically, girlfriend configure these equipment to show up real.
What type of malicious software permits an attacker come remotely manage a jeopardized computer?A. WormB. Polymorphic virusC. Remote access Tool (RAT)D. Armored virus
C. Remote access Tool (RAT): Maintaining access Using a Remote administration ToolExplanation: RAT is a Trojan that, once executed, allows an attacker to remotely control and maintain access to a jeopardized computer.

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D. Fear: What encourages Attackers?Explanation: The four main motivations for attackers are money, fame, a desire to impose political beliefs on others, and revenge.<"productClickLinkData"> = <"name":"Chapter 11 Quiz","id":"292451468","price":"","category":"premium content","variant":"study guide","position":"","brand":"mbarrow4">; QLoad(""); return;})}<"productClickLinkData"> = <"name":"Chapter 11 Quiz","id":"292451468","price":"","category":"premium content","variant":"study guide","position":"","brand":"mbarrow4">; QLoad(""); return;;window.location.assign("");" id="1-292451468">