The capability of a solid to dissettle is well-known as Solubility, and also the disfixing agent can be water or an additional solution. How a solid disdeal with is affected by different components prefer temperature, pressure, and polarity. With that in mind, let’s find out which salts will be more soluble in an acidic solution than in pure water. 


For salts to be soluble in water, tbelow should be a finish reaction between the salt and protons ions. Salts via conjugate bases will certainly strongly and conveniently disdeal with in acidic services than in water as a result of solid conjugate bases, which conveniently lead to reactivity through protons. For instance, the anion uncovered in salt reacts via H+ion forming a weak acid that you deserve to exreadjust from the solution by including an acid.

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Which salts will be more soluble in an Acidic solution than in pure water

Salts that are soluble in water have a greater pH compared to those that disresolve in various other solubles. They have positively charged ions referred to as cations while those with the negatively charged ions are known as anions.

Which salts will certainly be more soluble in an acidic solution than in Pure Water

When a solid acid and also a weak base react, an acid salt is formed and also the reactivity is neutral. For example, in a reactivity between hydraulic acid as the strong acid and also ammonia as the weak base, it outcomes in water and ammonium chloride making it an acidic salt.

Sn(OH)2 + H+ reacts with OH- to create H2O making it even more feasible in an acidic solution than in pure water.Adding CuBr to H+ forms a weak acid HBr; for this reason, it is very soluble in acidic options than pure water.Ag2SO4 + H+ develop HSO4- with a K2 for H2SO4. In H2SO4. No K1 because it is a strong acid the initially H describes its solubility in acidic remedies than pure water.For BaSO3 + H+ creates HSO3- through a k2 for k2SO3. The K1 in H2SO3 provides it a strong acid for the initially H. So, BaSO3 will disfix in acid fairly than pure water.

Acidic solution Solubility

The carbonate rule is what renders the distinction in salt steel carbonates. But, without it, anypoint through “acid” is soluble in water. And, the capacity of acids to develop ions enables hydronium ions to protonate the OH- ions of Zn(OH)2 and SO2.

How to identify Salts that are more soluble in acidic services than in pure water?

Insoluble salts via anions are even more soluble through a weak acid-base such as hydroxide, acetate, carbonate, phosphate, and also sulfide. Acidic remedies have more powerful acids that rise solubility than in pure water. Here are the main factors for solubility:


(a) Compounds are more soluble in acidic services because they break dvery own in water giving the carbonate ion in the weak carbonic acid.

(b) Salts that are more soluble in acidic options dissociate in the water to produce sulfide ion, the weak acidic base of hydrogen sulfide.

(c) The secure compound of silver chloride breaks dvery own to silver and chloride ions in water.

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(d) Any solid that breaks dvery own right into lead and iodide ions in water, the Iodide ion provides the neutral weak base in the strong acid proving that solubility does not rise in acidic solution.


The neutral reaction between a solid and also weak acid brings forth an acidic salt. With the question, which salts will be even more soluble in an acidic solution than in pure water? As demonstrated over, insoluble salts through anions or a weak acid-base increase solubility while in strong acids than in pure water.