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Both switches and also hubs space being made use of within the Certkiller network. I m sorry of the following is true about the use of switches and hubs because that network connectivity in this network?A. Switches take much less time to procedure frames 보다 hubs takeB. Hubs have the right to filter framesC. Switches carry out not front broadcastsD. Switches rise the number of collision domains in the network E. Making use of hubs can increase the quantity of bandwidth accessible to master F. Nobody of the over
Answer: DExplanation:The biggest advantage of using switches instead of hubs in your internetwork is that each switch port is actually its very own collision domain. (Conversely, a hub create one large collision domain.) but even armed with a switch, girlfriend still can"t rest up broadcast domains. Neither switches no one bridges will execute that. They"ll commonly simply forward all broadcasts instead. Move creates the collision domain per port, for this reason we deserve to say switch rise the number of collision domains.
Which among the following features is true concerning the usage of hubs and switches?A. Hubs can have your ports be configured v VLANsB. Utilizing hubs is costly through regard to bandwidth availability.C. Switches can not front broadcasts.D. Switches are more efficient than hubs in processing frames.E. Switches boost the variety of collision domain names in the network.
Answer: EExplanation: Switches boosts the variety of collisions domains in the network. Switches that space configured through VLANs will alleviate the size of the collision domain names by enhancing the variety of collision domains in a network, however making them smaller than the of one big, flat network.Incorrect Answers:A. Switches are capable of VLAN configurations, but hubs room not.B. Hubs are normally the least costly method possible to attach multiple devices together in a network.C. Switches front broadcasts and multicasts, by default, to every ports within the exact same VLAN. Just routers block every broadcast traffic by default.D. Switches and hubs can be equally reliable in handling frames, in theory. In practice, switches room generally more efficient together they generally have much more CPU and also memory allocated to them, and are generally much much more expensive than a simple hub.
as soon as comparing and also contrasting the similarities and also differences in between bridges and also switches, which of the following are valid statements? select all the precious answer choices)A. Bridges are quicker than switches because they have actually fewer ports.B. A move is a multiport bridge,C. Bridges and also switches discover MAC addresses by evaluating the source MAC resolve of each framework received.D. A bridge will forward a broadcast but a switch will not.E. Bridges and also switches boost the dimension of a collision domain.F. Nobody of the above statements room true.
Answer: B, CExplanation:Both bridges and switches construct the bridge table through listening come incoming frames and analyzing the source MAC deal with in the frame.Switches are multiport bridges that allow you to create multiple broadcast domains. Each transfer domain is prefer a distinctive virtual bridge within a switch.Incorrect Answers:A. Switches room generally quicker than bridges. Bridges additionally do no necessarily have actually fewer ports than switches.D. Both bridges and switches will forward broadcast and multicast traffic, assuming the the traffic remains in the same VLAN.E. The usage of VLANs in a switch have the right to decrease the size of the collision domain, by producing additional, smaller collision domains.
i beg your pardon of the complying with correctly define the assorted functions and virtues that a router? (Select all valid answer choices)A. Packet switchingB. Collision prevention on a LAN segment. C. Packet filteringD. Broadcast domain enlargementE. Transfer forwardingF. Internetwork communicationG. No one of the over
Answer: A, C, FExplanation:The main role of a router is to attach different, be separated networks together. In act so, switching packets from one network to one more is a major function, along with providing for communication between networks. As second feature, routers are capable of giving filtering on a network attend to and applications port level, so choice C is additionally correct.Incorrect Answers:B. Routers deserve to indeed be offered to segment a network separate a collision domain, because routers do not front LAN broadcasts and multicasts to other interfaces. However, routers alone have the right to not stop all collisions from arising on any type of given LAN segment. D. Routers in reality segment LANs into smaller transfer domains.E. Routers do not front broadcast and also multicast web traffic out the additional interfaces through default. Unless bridging or IP helpers room configured ~ above the router, LAN broadcasts are blocked at the router level.
The LAN requirements are broadening at the Certkiller corporate office, i beg your pardon is conveniently growing. You are instructed come enlarge the area covered by a solitary LAN segment ~ above the Certkiller network.Which the the following are great 1 devices that you have the right to use? (Choose all the apply.)A. A switchB. A routerC. A network adapter map D. A hubE. A repeater
Explanation:A hub simply repeats the electric signal and also makes no effort to interpret the electric signal (layer 1) as a LAN structure (Layer 2). So, a hub in reality performs OSI class 1 functions, repeating an electrical signal, conversely, a move performs OSI great 2 functions, in reality interpreting Ethernet header information, an especially addresses, to do forwarding decisions. Hubs deserve to be provided to rise the number of stations that canbe sustained on a LAN.Because the repeater walk not analyze what the bits mean, yet does examine and also generate electrical signals, a repeater is thought about to run at layer 1. Repeaters can be provided to physically expand the LAN to greater distances.
Cisco is the leader in the router industry space. What straightforward functions execute their routers carry out in a network? (Choose two)A. The microsegmentation that broadcast domain names B. Route selectionC. Packet switchingD. Bridging between LAN segmentsE. Access layer securityF. VLAN member assignment G. Application optimization
Answer: B, CExplanation:The primary features of a router are: Packet Switching and also Path Selection. It is the routers job to determine the best method for moving the data, and also switching the data as quickly as possible.
Both bridges are switches room being offered throughout the Certkiller LAN. I m sorry of the adhering to statements are true regarding bridges and also switches in this network? (Choose 3)A. Switches are generally software based if bridges room hardware based. B. Switches usually have a higher number of harbor than many bridges.C. Bridges are frequently faster 보다 switches.D. Bridges define broadcast domain names while switches define collision domains. E. Both bridges and also switches forward Layer 2 broadcasts.F. Both bridges and switches make forwarding decisions based on Layer 2 addresses.
together a network administrator, girlfriend will need to decide ~ above the proper network devices to use. I m sorry of the complying with correctly describes the duties of devices in a WAN? (Choose three)A. A CSU/DSU terminates a digital neighborhood loop.B. A router is typically considered a DCE device. C. A modem terminates one analog local loop.D. A router is typically considered a DTE device. E. A modem terminates a digital neighborhood loop.F. A CSU/DSU terminates an analog local loop.G. A modem is supplied to terminate a T1
Answer: A, C, DExplanation:Layer 2 convert is considered hardware-based bridging because it uses specialized hardware dubbed an application-specific incorporated circuit (ASIC). ASICs have the right to run approximately gigabit speed with really low latency rates.Switches usually have higher port number climate bridge. Typically bridges have actually two ports. Both operates top top Data connect layer.
The Certkiller network administrator demands to identify what LAN gadgets to install on the Certkiller network. What room two advantages of utilizing Layer 2 Ethernet switches over hubs? (Choose two)A. Permitting simultaneous structure transmissionsB. Enhancing the dimension of transfer domainsC. Raising the maximum size of UTP cabling between devices D. Filtering frames based upon MAC addressesE. Diminish the variety of collision domains
Answer: A, DExplanation:A: A half duplex connection is where just one an equipment can send or obtain at a time. A full duplex link is where both gadgets can send and also receive in ~ the exact same time. Thus, if you have actually a 100Mb half-duplex connection, only sending in ~ 100Mb OR receiving in ~ 100Mb can occur at the exact same time. If you have actually a 100Mb complete duplex connection, girlfriend can efficiently get 200Mb the end of the link because you might be sending out 100Mb and also receiving 100Mb in ~ the exact same time.D: Switches are qualified of filtering frames based on any type of Layer 2 fields. Because that example, a switch can be programmed to refuse (not forward) all frames sourced native a details network. Because link layer details often consists of a referral to an upper-layer protocol, switches usually can filter ~ above this parameter. Furthermore, filters can be useful in handling unnecessary broadcast and multicast packets.
CDP is being used throughout the Certkiller network. What are two factors why the Certkiller network administrator would use CDP? (Choose two)A. To recognize the status of network solutions on a remote deviceB. To achieve the IP resolve of a connected maker in order to telnet to the deviceC. To verify the type of cable interconnecting 2 devicesD. Come verify great 2 connectivity in between two gadgets when layer 3 failsE. To achieve VLAN info from directly linked switchesF. To determine the condition of the routing protocols between directly linked routers G. To support automatic network failover during outages
Answer: B, DExplanation:Cisco exploration Protocol (CDP) is a proprietary protocol draft by Cisco to aid administrators collection information about both in your ar attached and also remote devices. By using CDP, you can gather hardware and protocol information about neighbor devices, which is useful info for troubleshooting and documenting the network.You can use:Show cdp neighborShow cdp neighbor detailsCommands to gather the information of associated neighbors.
CDP is running between two Certkiller devices. What details is provided by CDP? (Select three)A. An equipment Identifiers B. Capability listC. PlatformD. Route identifierE. Neighbor website traffic data
Two buildings on the London campus the a the Certkiller corporation have to be connected to usage Ethernet through a bandwidth of at least 100 Mbps. Certkiller is involved about feasible problems from voltage potential differences in between the 2 buildings. I beg your pardon media form should be used for the connection?A. Coaxial cableB. Fiber optic cable C. UTP cableD. STP cableE. Nobody of the over

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Answer: BExplanation:Current Ethernet modern technology typically come via one of two people copper UTP or fiber cables. In this scenario the distance in between the structures is just 55 meter so either copper or fiber can be used, as the distance limitation because that 100M UTP Ethernet is 100 meters. However, fiber would be a better fit together it is not prone to errors that can occur due to the voltage potential differences. Due to the fact that fiber is a dielectric material, it"s not prone to electrical interference. FO-product vendors also claim that fiber equipment make secure communications easier. Interference immunity and also lack the emissions room givens in FO systems and in the fiber tool itself.