(a)An object moves in the an unfavorable direction if the velocity is negative. Velocity is an unfavorable for graphs 2 and also 4. Do NOT confused this with the slope of the velocity graphs, which is negative for Graphs 3 & 4.

Graphs 2 and also 4 represent an object moving in the negative direction.

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(a) which graphs represent things moving in the an unfavorable direction?

(b) which graphs represent an object that is speeding up?

(c) i m sorry graphs represent an item that has actually a an unfavorable acceleration? 

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What scientific principle do you need to recognize in bespeak to solve this problem?

ours tutors have actually indicated the to resolve this trouble you will need to apply the Velocity-Time Graphs & Acceleration concept. You deserve to view video clip lessons to learn Velocity-Time Graphs & Acceleration Or if friend need more Velocity-Time Graphs & Acceleration practice, you can additionally practice Velocity-Time Graphs & Acceleration practice troubles .

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