While there room four varieties of database objects in Access, tables are maybe the most important. Also when you're making use of forms, queries, and reports, you're quiet working with tables because that's where every one of your data is stored. Tables space at the love of any type of database, therefore it's essential to understand how to usage them.

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In this lesson, you will learn just how to open tables, create and also edit records, and also modify the appearance of her table to make it much easier to view and also work with.

Throughout this tutorial, we will be making use of a sample database. If girlfriend would like to follow along, you'll should download our accessibility 2016 sample database. Girlfriend will must have access 2016 set up on your computer system in bespeak to open the example.

Watch the video clip below to learn more about working with tables in Access.

Table basics

To open an currently table:Open your database, and locate the Navigation pane.In the navigation pane, situate the table you desire to open.Double-click the desired table.

The table will open and also appear as a tab in the Document Tabs bar.

Understanding tables

All tables space composed the horizontal rows and vertical columns, with little rectangles called cells in the areas where rows and columns intersect. In Access, rows and also columns are described as records and fields.

A field is a method of organizing information by type. Think of the field name together a question and every cell within that ar as a solution to the question. In our example, the Last Name field is selected, which includes all the last names in the table.


A document is one unit of information. Every cabinet on a offered row is component of that row's record. In our example, Quinton Boyd's record is selected, which contains every one of the information related to him in the table.


Each record has actually its own id number. In ~ a table, each ID number is distinct to that is record and refers to all of the info within the record. The identifier number for a record cannot be changed.

Each cabinet of data in your table is component of both a field and also a record. Because that instance, if you had actually a table of names and also contact information, each human would be stood for by a record, and each item of information about each person—name, phone call number, address, and so on—would be contained within a unique field on the record's row.

Click the buttons in the interactive below to learn how to navigate a table.

edit hotspots

The records Command Group

The Records command team on the Home tab has a grasp of regulates for working through records, consisting of New Record, Save Record, and also Delete Record.

Find and also Replace

The Find command enables you to find for any term in her table.The Replace command permits you to search for any kind of term in your table and replace it with a brand-new one. Because that example, you can replace the word Fall with words Autumn.

Text Formatting Command Group

These formatting options permit you to make her table much easier to read by adding an alternate row color or editing and enhancing the gridlines that different individual rows and columns. Friend can accessibility even much more formatting choices by click the arrowhead in the bottom-right corner.


In Access, columns are described as fields. Once you organize your data by entering it into various fields, girlfriend are arranging it by type. Each field contains one kind of data. The form of data contained within a field is defined by the location at the peak of every field.


In Access, table rows are described as records. A document is a unit the data that consists of every item of details in a provided row.

Record navigating Bar

The Record navigating bar permits you come navigate through records one at a time. Click the arrows to move from document to record, and navigate straight to a document by trying to find it through the record find box. Girlfriend can likewise use the Record navigating bar to add a new record to the existing table.

Navigating in ~ tables

The bar at the bottom of the table includes many regulates to help you find or scroll v records.

To navigate through records in a table, you have the right to use the up and also down arrow keys, scroll up and down, or use the arrows in the Record navigating bar situated at the bottom of her table.

You can create a brand-new record through the new (blank) record command on the Record navigating bar.
You deserve to find any record in the at this time open table through searching for it using the record find box. Place your cursor in the search box, form any native that appears in the record you want to find, and also press the Enter key.

To navigate between fields, you deserve to use the left and also right arrowhead keys or scroll left and also right.

Adding records and also entering data

Entering data right into tables in accessibility is similar to entering data in Excel. To occupational with records, you'll have actually to enter data into cells. If friend need aid entering data into records, you could want to testimonial our cell Basics class from our Excel 2016 tutorial.

To include a brand-new record:

There room three methods to include a new record to a table:

In the Records group on the Home tab, click the New command.
On the Record navigation bar at the bottom the the window, click the New record button.
Begin keying in the row listed below your last added record.

Sometimes once you enter information into a record, a window will pop approximately tell you the the details you've gotten in is invalid. This way the field you're working with has actually a validation rule, which is a rule around the kind of data the can show up in that field. Click OK, climate follow the instructions in the pop-up window to re-enter her data.

To conserve a record:

Access is designed come save records automatically. After ~ you go into a record, you deserve to either select a different record or near the object, and access will save the record. However, in details situations you plenty of want to save a record manually. Because that example, if you needed to edit an currently record, you might save the document to certain your changes are saved.

Select the Home tab, and also locate the Records group.Click the Save command. The document will be saved.

Editing records

To quickly edit any type of record within a table, you deserve to click that and type your changes. However, accessibility offers girlfriend the ability to find and also replace a word in ~ multiple records and also delete records entirely.

To change a word in ~ a record:

You can modify multiple cases of the same word by utilizing Find and also Replace, i beg your pardon searches for a term and replaces that with an additional term.

Select the Home tab, and locate the Find group.Select the Replace command. The Find and Replace dialog box will appear.
In the Find What: field, kind the indigenous you desire to find, then in the Replace With: field form the word you want to change the original word. In our example, we'll find instances of the word Fall and change it v Autumn.
Click the Look In: drop-down arrowhead to select the area you desire to search. Pick Current Field to border your find to the currently selected field. Choose Current Document to find within the entire table.
Click the Match: drop-down arrow to choose how closely you'd prefer results to match your search. Select Any component of field to find for your search term in any component of a cell. Pick Whole field to search just for cells that complement your search term exactly. Select Beginning of field to search only for cells that start with your search term.
Click Find Next. If the message is found, it will certainly be selected.
Review the text to make sure you desire to replace it. Click Replace to replace the initial word v the new one.
Access will relocate to the next circumstances of the message in the object. When you are finished instead of text, click Cancel to close the dialog box.

The change All option is powerful, however it may actually change some things you don't want to change. In the instance below, the word fall walk not refer to the season, so instead of it v Autumn would be incorrect. Using the typical Replace option enables you examine each instance before replacing the text. You deserve to click Find next to skip come the next circumstances without replacing the text.

To delete a record:Select the entire record by clicking the gray border top top the left next of the record.
Select the Home tab and also locate the Records group.Click the Delete command.
A dialog box will appear. Click Yes.
The document will it is in permanently deleted.

The ID numbers assigned to records stay the same also after girlfriend delete a record. Because that example, if girlfriend delete the 205th document in a table, the succession of record ID number will review ... 204, 206, 207 ... Fairly than ... 204, 205, 206, 207 ...

Modifying table appearance

Access provides various means to modify the appearance of tables, consisting of resizing fields and also rows and temporarily hiding details you don't should see. These transforms aren't just about making her table look good; they likewise can make the table simpler to read.

Watch the video below to learn much more about customizing tables.

Resizing fields and rows

If your fields and rows are too small or big for the data consisted of with them, friend can constantly resize them so all of the text is displayed.

To resize a field:Place your cursor end the right gridline in the field title. Your mouse will end up being a double arrow.
Click and also drag the gridline come the best to increase the ar width or come the left to decrease the ar width, then relax the mouse. The ar width will certainly be changed.
To resize a row:Place your cursor end the bottom gridline in the gray area to the left of the row. Your computer mouse will come to be a double arrow.
Click and drag the gridline downward to increase the row height or increase to to decrease the heat height, then release the mouse. The row elevation will be changed.
Hiding fields

If you have actually a ar you don't setup on modifying or don't desire other human being to edit, you have the right to hide it. A hidden ar is invisible but is still part of her database. Data in ~ a hidden field can still be accessed from forms, queries, reports, and any related tables.

To hide a field:Right-click the field title, then pick Hide Fields.
The field will be hidden.

If you decision you want the ar to be visible again, you have the right to unhide it. Merely right-click any kind of field title, then choose Unhide Fields. A dialog box will appear. Click the checkboxes of any type of fields you desire to be clearly shows again, then click Close.

Table formatting options

Alternate row color

By default, the lift of every various other row in an accessibility table is a couple of shades darker 보다 the background of the rest of the table. This darker alternate row color renders your table easier to check out by supplying a visual distinction between each record and also the records directly above and listed below it.

To adjust the alternative row color:Select the Home tab, find the Text Formatting group, and click the Alternate heat Color drop-down arrow.
Select a shade from the drop-down menu, or pick No Color to eliminate the alternating row color.
The alternative row shade will it is in updated.
Modifying gridlines

Another way Access makes your tables less complicated to read is by adding gridlines that mark the boundaries of every cell. Gridlines are the thin lines that appear between every cell, row, and column of your table. By default, gridlines space dark gray and appear on every next of a cell, but you can readjust their color and hide undesired gridlines.

To customize which gridlines appear:Select the Home tab, find the Text Formatting group, and also click the Gridlines drop-down arrow.
Select the gridlines you want to appear. Girlfriend can choose to have horizontal gridlines in between the rows, vertical gridlines in between the columns, both types of gridlines, or none in ~ all.
The gridlines on your table will be updated.
Additional formatting options

To view extr formatting options, click the Datasheet Formatting arrow in the bottom-right edge of the Text Formatting group.

The Datasheet Formatting dialog box supplies several advanced formatting options, consisting of the capability to change background color, gridline color, and border and also line style. It even has the capability to see a sample table with your formatting choices, therefore play roughly with the various formatting choices until you obtain your table looking the means you want it.


Open the Customers table.Add a brand-new record to the table. Be sure to enter data for every field.Find the record with the surname Sula Smart, and replace it v a name of her choice.Hide a field, then unhide it.Change the alternate row color.

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