Marks the Honor have actually seen part changes since they were first introduced throughout Legion, back they still serve much of the very same purpose, to buy cosmetics transmog set of old PvP gear.

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Players deserve to earn this marks by winning PvP Battlegrounds, Arena"s, and also Skirmishes by opened the strongbox that is awarded.

Marks can also be a price for specific PvP world Quests in the Shadowlands

Players can additionally trade in 2000 honor points because that 5 point out of honor by talking to Purveyor Zo"kuul in Oribos.

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WoW Shadowlands: exactly how To acquire Marks of Honor and Where To invest Them

Marks that Honor have the right to be spent at every expansion"s PvP vendor, v the only exception being Shadowlands, as the sets space still a part of the present game, and will be obtainable likely as soon as the next expansions laucnhes.

Marks of Honor can be exchanged for finish sets of equipment (cosmetic only) based on the seasonal look as soon as it to be released.

Individual piece will cost anywhere between 1-5 marks, heirlooms 8-10, and also full to adjust costing 12 marks of Honor.

Heirloom upgrades will price 14 marks, mounts 15, and also a finish weapon collection from that growth costing 80 Marks.


The Marks can be offered for every seasonal armor sets dating all the means back come season one of the burn Crusade, consisting of all the weapons that might be to buy at the time.

For collectors, as of Legion, every armor ensembles will price a complete of 336 clues of Honor for a single class.

Weapons are a lot much more expensive, costing a total of 1760, so it is recommended to collection these ~ above a Warrior together they have accessibility to every weapon appearances.

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