Sims 4 players have the right to influence the gender of your Sim’s baby through the assist of strawberries. If she planning for your pregnant center to have actually a baby girl, serve them strawberries.But just how to you get your hand on the delicious strawberries?Well, strawberry are quite rare in the game. But there are some way you can acquire them and also we’ll tell you how.

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Where To find Strawberries in Sims 4

Option 1Take a walk around the neighborhood and maybe you’ll come throughout some spawned strawberry. The downside is the this is a time-consuming task and the results are not guaranteed.Where are strawberries in Sims 4? places where there’s good chances of finding strawberry in pasture Creek are Magnolia blossom Park, the surprise location of Sylvan Glade, Pendula View, Courtyard Lane, Foundry Cove and around the Oakenstead estate. In Oasis Springs, you’ll uncover strawberries in Parched Prospect, and also Bedrock Strait.In City Living, girlfriend can uncover strawberry bushes beside the Goth house yet only in spring.Option 2If you have actually The Sims 4: seasons installed, buy some seasonal spring seed packs. If you lucky, you’ll discover some strawberry seeds in the pack.The main benefit is that if your sim plants their own strawberry plants, they’ll never run the end of strawberries. The only disadvantage is the there is really no guarantee her Sim will find any strawberry seed in the packages. Part players complained they did not get any strawberry seeds after to buy 20 packages.Also, the strawberry plants do take a while come grow and become harvestable. A Sim with level 5+ gardening would conserve you a lot of time by merely taking a cut of the strawberry plant and grafting that on to a tree home.You May likewise Like: The Sims 4 Guides: just how to Plant seed in 3 StepsOption 3In The Sims 4: City Living, there are some sellers that offer fruits and also vegetables. Particularly, yes sir a vegetable stand in mountain Myshuno where you have the right to buy strawberries. And also that’s basically, the only ar where you deserve to buy strawberry in the game.Option 4And there’s additionally the cheat way. You can use buy debug cheat to obtain as countless strawberries together you desire from develop mode.

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Good to know:If you want to have actually a infant girl in Sims 4, have actually your center listen to popular music music and eat strawberry as often as feasible and the recipe is guaranteed.If you want a infant boy, your Sim requirements to hear to different music and eat carrots.And currently you know.Interested in reading an ext about plants in Sims 4?This Money Tree guide for The Sims 4 Has numerous AnswersSims 4: just how to watch After her Cow PlantReferences:Strawberries in Sims 4Where perform I find strawberries? Help!20 particle PACKETS and NO STRAWBERRIES!

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