Lephantis is an Infested boss that friend can uncover on the Orokin Derelict. Girlfriend will have to craft a Derelict Assassination key, except when the mission wake up as component of a Sortie. To do a Derelict Assination key, friend will need the below resources:

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7500 Credits 5 Lephantis Nav works with 4000 Nano Spores 1000 salvage 100 Circuits

You can find Lephantis Nav works with by running goals on the Orokin Derelict tileset.

Lephantis is a monstrous boss with 3 heads, each of which has its thorax and also weapons. Each of the top represents a various faction in the game. The Infest body head is equipped with poison grenades that inflict Toxin damage and also can bypass Warframe shields. The Infested Grineer head is armed with a massive scythe the it swings, when the ancient Infested head will fire spores the explode ~ above impact.

The most vital thing to understand around Lephantis is the damages cap mechanic. Unlike various other bosses in the game, Lephantis has a lid on exactly how much damage a solitary shot have the right to do, and also is immune to condition effects. This method that hard-hitting weapons prefer Sniper Rifles and the Opticor room not very good options. Much faster firing tools that carry out less damages per shot, together much better suited come this fight.

A weapon favor the Soma or Soma Prime, modded because that Slash, Blast, and also Corrosive, is great choice. Those space the ideal damage species to resolve the fact that Lephantis is a Fossilized enemy. Ammo preservation is a concern, so be sure to carry plenty that ammo packs v you.

exactly how to damages Lephantis

Lephantis is immune to damage, except for little areas on every head. These will frequently be hidden, and you will have to wait till the head is attacking to shoot it. A Nova v a heavy slow is a good option come use, as it will reason weak spots to be exposed longer. A personal favorite it a long duration Rhino, who can stomp and trap the head mid-animation, making it exceptionally easy to hit the weak spots.

During the an initial stage of the fight, each head will break with the ground and also attack. Just damages the weak spots as lot as you can, and be certain to evade the Toxin clouds. Little enemies will spawn in, giving you a source of energy and ammo. Once you do enough damage, the ground beneath you will certainly break, and you will certainly drop down right into a cavern.

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You will certainly be facing all 3 heads at as soon as now, together Lephantis was standing in the facility of the room, and also you should fight that is true form. Follow among the heads around, and damage it till it is dead, then occupational through the various other two heads. Since of the decreased chance of gift hit by the scythe assault versus the other two projectiles, the is a an excellent idea to leaving the melee head until last.

One all three heads have actually been destroyed, the hit is over, and also you have the right to extract.

good Warframe to use

Rhino is a an excellent Warframe, as Iron Skin will protect you native Toxin, and allow you to safely recreation allies, when Stomp will help you uncover windows to damage the boss. Titania have the right to use Razorwing and also her pistols to execute a lot of damage with the best build, i beg your pardon should emphasis on capability strength for the Warframe, and also rate the fire and also damage for the Dex Pixia pistols. Frost deserve to use a well placed Snow globe to slow the boss without interfering v allies capacity to damage it.

The finest advice is to usage a Warframe the you space comfortable with, as lengthy as the Warframe is Hildryn. V her remarkable low health and wellness pool, and also reliance on shields to keep her safe, Lephantis deserve to simply bypass those shields through Toxin damage, killing her quickly.