PREPARE come DIE much less Your journey v Lothric doesn"t finish here. Be sure to examine out the rest of"s Dark Souls 3 overview , which offers everything from tips for beginners and returning masochists to thorough walkthroughs that every area — including all of the secret, bonus content.

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Profaned capital bonfire

Head back up to the roof of the temple. On the left side — the side closest come the stairs — look in ~ the wall surface in front of you. You will check out an open window. Run and jump turn off the edge of the roof and you will land within the room there. Continue up the stairs come the closed gate.

use the Old cell Key you choose up in Irithyll Dungeon to unlock it. Inside, you’ll uncover your old friend Siegward the Catarina and also the Covetous gold Serpent Ring, which increases item discovery.

Retrace your steps to the roof that the temple. Drop onto the stair you just jumped over and take lock up. In ~ the height of the stairs, there room two invisible Jailers wait for you come pass. Attack the waiting to attract them out.

once they’re handled, proceed following the course to the left. Take it it every the means to the end to uncover the Jailer’s crucial Ring.

From here, you have the right to drop into the area that Irithyll Dungeon with all the rats wherein you dealt with the gigantic earlier. When this is technically optional, we’re going to go this way to choose up some items previously unreachable and to cost-free an NPC. If you’re not interested, job-related your means back come the Profaned funding bonfire and also we’ll meet you over there in a minute.

Clear out the rats — either through ranged attacks or through dropping in and getting your hands dirty — and then departure through the tunnel on your left. Take it the elevator you uncover there as much as the Irithyll Dungeon bonfire.

begin retracing your steps through the Irithyll Dungeon. The an initial door you have the right to open currently is ideal in the first hallway. The cell on right-hand next on the finish will unlock with the Jailer’s crucial Ring, obtaining you a Rusted Coin.

Turn right at the end of the hall and continue follow me to the staircase top top the right. In ~ the bottom of the stairs, you will do it find another locked door on your left. Use the Jailer’s vital Ring again to get inside and also pick increase the Prisoner Chief’s Ashes which will certainly unlock a couple of new items with the Shrine Handmaid, consisting of Karla’s Armor Set — a lightweight set with good curse protection.

continue the remainder of the means down come the bottom floor that the dungeon. Head to the lycanthrope’s cell, then turn right. Unlock the cell you find on her left to complimentary Karla. ~ you speak to her and she heads to Firelink Shrine, you can talk to her there to learn Pyromancies, Sorceries and also Miracles.

Now you can return to the Profaned funding bonfire and also pick increase the an important path.

While standing on the large wood platform with the bonfire, look in ~ the leftmost feet in the wall; there"s a ladder at that hole. Go under the ladder and cross the leg close by. There"s an additional Headless Gargoyle as well as Jailer Handmaids launching fireballs indigenous a distance. Even if it is you pick to challenge the demon or not, your next location is the other end of the bridge. Seize the Onislayer Greatarrow top top the bridge and also the Soul at the other end of the bridge.


When inside, take treatment of the 4 Handmaids on your left, then an additional Headless Gargoyle as you go under the hallway. Though the Handmaids look like Jailers, they’re lot much less complicated to deal with, provided you don’t let them crowd you. They’re particularly slow v their dagger stabs.


At the four way intersection, girlfriend have more Handmaids and also another Headless Gargoyle at the far end. Once you’re there, grab the Ember indigenous the chest and also take out the Mimic, who will drop a Rusted yellow Coin. Ideal of the intersection are four Handmaids by the flaming fountain. After taking out the Handmaids, inspect the bridge beyond the fountain for two Rusted Coins.


Your final destination in this area is to her left in ~ the intersection, one encounter with the next boss, Yhorm the Giant.

Yhorm the gigantic boss fight

Short version: grab the Storm Ruler.

Tactics (first phase): Technically, Yhorm deserve to be loss by using every little thing weapon you"ve relied on up to this point, however to make this fight substantially easier, operation to the ideal side that Yhorm"s throne and grab a brand-new weapon, the Storm Ruler. Street yourself from Yhorm therefore you deserve to equip the Storm Ruler.

Hold the weapon with two hands and activate the Storm Ruler"s weapon skill. The skill has two soot settings, so you can deal more damage if you can charge the weapon because that a couple seconds more. Use the giant"s slow movements to produce openings for these Storm leader attacks, which should involve getting behind Yhorm through going in between its legs. With its earlier toward you, charge and also unleash the Storm Ruler"s ability attack.

Yhorm provides its blade no unlike the two-handed witnessed wielder in the Undead Settlement. That method you have to look out for single-handed bottom strikes, regularly in a diagonal line path and also two-handed chops where Yhorm is holding its tongue lengthwise. In various other words, there"s small value gift in prior of Yhorm. The exception is during its single-handed downward strike, which have the right to be avoided if you"re directly in front of him, to the extent that you"re virtually under Yhorm.

Tactics (second phase): Yhorm will end up being inflamed after its wellness is down to 50%. Its attacks remain the same other than that they"re executed quicker this time. Yhorm likewise uses a circle-shaped flaming knockback attack. Girlfriend don"t need to be especially vigilant in anticipating this move as it takes off little to no health. Continue using the Storm Ruler"s skill assault until you"ve defeated the boss.

Yhorm the giant bonfire


Defeating Yhorm the huge will instantly fast take trip you back to the church in ~ the bottom of High wall surface of Lothric. This is likewise assuming you’ve already defeated Aldrich. Talk to Emma again. She will dissolve and also you will be provided the Basin of Vows. Put the basin at the statue in front of girlfriend will create the following boss battle, so be certain to visit the Firelink Shrine very first if you need to level up.


Dancer the the Boreal Valley boss fight

Short variation

Avoid the Dancer"s ideal side, climate prepare because that the rotate attack.

Tactics (first phase)

Be ready to move sideways almost constantly to keep up with The Dancer"s persistent strafing motions, especially since you must prioritize the Dancer"s rear together a weakpoint. Additionally take advantage of the obelisk with the spiral staircase together a temporary barrier if you require time come reenhance weapons or heal.

Don"t it is in fooled through its free right hand. Protect against it at every times due to the fact that its grab-and-stab strike is one of the Dancer"s much more powerful moves. Impede is a slightly more effective defense 보다 rolling once it concerns the Dancer"s various sweeping blade attacks. Also watch the end for circular flame attacks, both in the forms of shockwaves and brief firewalls developed by the Dancer"s sword.

Tactics (second phase)

When you"ve acquired the Dancer"s wellness down to around 60 percent it will certainly conjure a second blade indigenous the ground. The great news is the the grab-and stab attack is no much longer in play. The negative news is that the Dancer now has actually a lethal spin assault that attributes up to eight deadly rotations. This attack is mainly blockable; the different is to operation to the end of the map opposite the Dancer to protect against the relocate entirely. Dancer is breakable for two to three hits if it is dipping its 2nd sword right into the ground, producing a dark smoke. Just be prepared for a damaging shockwave in ~ the end of this move. Again store away from its front; one of the Dancer"s most painful assault involves one underhand strike v both blades.

Dancer of the Boreal valley bonfire


Attempt to ar the container of vows the 2nd time to bring down the ladder in former of you. This will offer you access to the following area follow me the an essential path, Lothric Castle.

You don"t have to take the crucial path, though.

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You can head come Anor Londo first.