Social Media Marketing early in 1hr


Question 1View completion of videos is biggest on i m sorry device?a.Desktop computer.b.Television.c.Gaming console.d.Smartphone.e.Tablet.3.34 points inquiry 2In blogging, the suffix in ~ the end of a URL deal with of the blog site indicates: a.The name of the blogger.b.The number of readers. c.The find engine key.d.The company hosting the blog.e.The subject of the blog.3.34 points inquiry 3One benefit of concentrating on transferring content come a core audience is the it can an outcome in greater conversion rates.TrueFalse3.34 points concern 4Most sharing of info online is excellent witha.Facebookb.Emailc.Instant messaged.Twittere.YouTube3.34 points question 5Brevity is vital when developing videos becausea.Longer videos take much longer to load.b.Most videos on share sites room short.c.Shorter videos are much more popular.d.People have short attention spans.e.Research mirrors that 76% of viral videos room under two minutes.3.34 points inquiry 6The primary difference in between a podcast and also a webinar isa.Podcasts require more preparation.b.Webinars are much easier to optimize for search engines.c.A webinar is akin to an online radio show.d.A webinar is draft to be interactive.e.Podcasts generate higher return on investment.3.34 points inquiry 7What must be taken into consideration when determining how long a podcast have to be?a.Whether it will be audio or video.b.The suggest format and amount of content available.c.The number of questions guess on every recording.d.The quantity of bandwidth available for podcast streaming.e.The quantity of time available to prepare and record every podcast.3.34 points concern 8The important breakthrough that made podcasting feasible wasa.The innovation of the MP3 player.b.The to apologize iTunes store.c.The adoption of high rate broadband Internet.d.The advance of RSS technology.e.The innovation of the iPhone.3.34 points question 9Many expert or corporate blogs fail since they do not attain their missions or space unclear top top what those goals should be. TrueFalse3.34 points question 10Word-of-Mouth Marketing may be only half as efficient as classic marketing. TrueFalse3.34 points question 11When creating a podcast, that is ideal to: a.Include as much detail as feasible so that you have actually plenty that material.b.Choose a moderator with an interesting, quirky way of speaking.c.Avoid music, uneven it is a famous song.d.Avoid editing and enhancing too much.e.Create a finish script for the moderator.3.34 points question 12The reality that everyone is a publisher means: a.Anyone can end up being a publisher on the Web. b.There is content clutter.c.Strong coding knowledge is no longer important to develop a websited.All that these are correct.e.Hiring a programmer to create a website is no longer necessary.3.34 points inquiry 13What distinguish a blog from other types of society media is:a.It is findable.b.It is viral.c.It is linkable.d.All of these room correct.e.None of this is correct.3.34 points question 14One reason that video creates a stronger connection with consumers isa.Because it tells a story.b.It create community.c.People don’t choose to read.d.That the is seen as a diversion or rapid break.e.Because viewers are more vested in content when there is a human challenge attached.3.34 points question 15One means to make video clip sharing easier is come ensure each video has descriptive keywords, tags and a title.TrueFalse3.34 points question 16When emerging a podcast, the is vital to determine the length of the podcast before you recognize the content.TrueFalse3.34 points concern 17Mobile and time-shifted video are the trends marketers should accommodate. TrueFalse3.34 points concern 18A primary benefit from blogging is to learn around the “tone” of the online community with to the to particular topics.TrueFalse3.34 points concern 19Creating a video clip to show how to usage the product is called: a.Engaging a wide range of viewers. .b.Generating company leads. c.Appealing to large audiences.d.Building brand awareness.e.Showcasing the product.3.34 points concern 20Creating a blog is almost always the hardest part of the process.TrueFalse3.34 points inquiry 21When creating a content strategy, the use of metrics help the marketer recognize who is reading the content and also when.TrueFalse3.34 points question 22What to be the main an obstacle facing the creators of the Old Spice guy video?a.Promoting the videos on various other social networks while still reaching YouTube influencers.b.Illustrating that the Old freckles brand was not old and out of date.c.Convincing men to buy Old Spice.d.Creating the video content easily enough for the society media responses to show up timely.e.Positioning the human body wash as masculine when marketing to women.3.34 points inquiry 23Online video clip can act like an infomercial by showcasing a product’s features and also benefits.TrueFalse3.34 points inquiry 24The medium on which world spend many time city hall is: a.Television.b.Smartphone.c.Tablet.d.Desktop computer.e.Smartphone and tablet computer combined.3.34 points question 25One the the difficulties with making use of podcasts in a marketing arrangement isa.Learning how to usage the podcasting equipment.b.The commitment forced to producing the podcast content.c.Identifying content that appeals to your personas.d.Finding a means for the podcast to with the target audience.e.Understanding just how to optimize podcast tags in search engines.3.34 points inquiry 26Regarding smartphone use, i beg your pardon of the complying with is false? a.Some shoppers like to usage smartphones for details rather 보다 ask a save employee.b.The smartphone city hall completion price of videos to be 10%.c.Consumers are an ext likely to acquisition a product if they watch the advertisement on tv rather of your smartphones. d.Shoppers use smartphones for details while shopping..e.U.S. Consumers who watch branded video clip content top top smartphones are much more likely to feel personally associated to ads 보다 those that watch on a desktop or tv. 3.34 points inquiry 27Which that the adhering to is not a finest practice for video clip marketing? a.Optimize her videos to be uncovered in search.b.Design and also produce videos for the platforms on i beg your pardon they space to appear.c.Make a an innovative sales video. d.Design and also produce videos for mobile.e.Post her videos on multiple platforms.3.34 points inquiry 28Using real world in actual areas when developing a video clip is an example ofa.Professionalismb.Being entertainingc.Authenticityd.Human dramae.Intimacy3.34 points question 29According come the text, why is it essential to choose an articulate host or moderator for a podcast?a.It requires less editing.b.Recorded audio can amplify speak quirks.c.It helps ensure the podcast will be shared with others.d.People will certainly be an ext likely to listen all the way through.e.It provides your brand appear an ext professional.3.34 points question 30An increasing amount of time is spent viewing videos.TrueFalse3.34 clues Click Save and Submit come save and also submit. 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