Hushed lighting. Kind cocktails. Swinging rhythm. Warm notes. It deserve to only mean one thing: jazz night in L.A.

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And to optimal it all off, mine outfit is top top point: i’m comfortable and confident. Why go I pick to stay what ns did – or perhaps an ext specifically: exactly how did i decipher what i was an alleged to wear?

Introducing: What i Wore

I gain questions all the time on social media and in the inside wall inbox around what to wear come highly details social engagements.

For example: A location wedding in the Caribbean that says “shoes optional!” however there will certainly be dancing. A first date at an arts gallery (and the reader’s never ever been to a gallery). Christmas eve at your brother’s wife’s parents’ place.

Now, Primer already has an enormously well-known feature for what to wear … The Getup! and also while the Getup can be for particular situations (like a casual date), the definitely broader and much more conceptual.

What The Getup generally doesn’t attend to are the nuances of venue, location, weather, and also particular cultural expectations that aspect into identify what to wear to a particular event. And also these nuances are vital for accomplishing the goal of dressing v intention – whether that’s impressing upon client or potential employers the you’re competent, gift a respectful partner in front of friends, or merely someone who looks choose they connect and belong v the tribe they’re immersing us in.

What ns Wore is an outfit-driven attribute like The Getup that goes deeply into my thought process for what i wore come a very specific thing and also why.

What ns Wore: an individual Style Intel For certain Situations

Think that it like this: You and I space texting, acquiring ready to walk somewhere together, and you ask, “How pull on up am I an alleged to be for this thing?” What ns Wore is mine answer.

Or rather of “what to wear on a first date” the “what ns wore come this very first date.”

This an initial installment that What i Wore came around totally spontaneously. Ns was in ~ my place and also decided to do this details Tuesday night different for a change… and check out part live jazz.

En route, i made a tongue-in-cheek video clip on Primer’s Instagram stories as if us – you and I – to be hanging out, I invited you to go, and you asked, “What need to I wear?” inspect it out below, and also make sure to provide a monitor on Instagram for an ext style, self-development, and home inspiration, and coming along on several of my adventures in ours Stories.

Where i Went

I headed out to the The Parker Room, a small, plush bar in Hollywood that’s known for that live jazz music nights. Ns walked in the door to the perfect atmosphere: candles, moody uplighting, a busy crowd with a seat waiting for me at at the well-stocked bar, and also the smooth tones the jazz guitar.

Just what ns was looking for.


Why ns Wore What ns Wore

Any time girlfriend head somewhere new, you’re taking a danger that you’ll present up and also be one of two people under-or-over dressed. It’s been among my greatest style difficulties for… well… ever.

On Primer, we talk a lot around experimenting through the concept of intentionally in style. Once you dress v intention, that buys girlfriend a most leeway in ~ the traditional categories the “dressed up,” “dressed down,” and also all the expectations the come with those categories. It’s one of the fundamental principles to love (and nailing) “smart casual”.

I’d never ever been to The Parker Room but I knew the was:

A tiny cocktail bar that doesn’t normally have musicA Tuesday nightIn Los Angeles, a notoriously casual city, specifically on weekday nightsSpringtime

…and not a two-drink-minimum huge name jazz club. For this reason what i wore to be casual but intentional just in instance it to be fancier 보다 expected. A equipment trucker jacket, dark pocket tee, dark suede boots, and black selvedge denim jeans.

While individually this items – a pocket t-shirt and also jeans – are the definition of casual, selecting a dark, muted color scheme provides the totality look plainly purposeful. No one would certainly confuse me for being a lazy, poorly dressed schlub in jeans and a t-shirt…even though i am attract jeans and a t-shirt.

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The lightweight tan trucker coat fits slim come the body and also maintains a fitted, trim silhouette and also acts more like a cardigan or blazer would in regards to being part of your outfit that stays on versus a typical jacket the you remove as soon as you walk inside. (That is, unless, you gain hot, that course.)

These dark suede boots space actually olive in color, though they appear as a blackish brown in many lights. Castle rugged-ish in form, yet their low sole, tapered capped toe box, and suede structure are more refined 보다 a chunkier Red wing Iron Ranger could be.

What perform You Think?

So it is the story the what ns wore – and also why. Let me understand what you think that this new feature … and also even throw out part places and situations for me to try next. I’m always up for fresh experiences and also would love come share my process with the inside wall community!