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Nestled top top the banks of the Blanchard River, Findlay is a it s as beautiful as picture city recognized for the rich history and astounding natural beauty.

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It offers year-round nature-based outdoor recreation opportunities, such as hiking, biking, camping, kayaking, canoeing, wildlife viewing, fishing, swimming, and plenty more.

It likewise has a huge array of superior art galleries and fascinating museums.

Findlay is a nature lover’s paradise, wherein you deserve to enjoy nature while remaining close to city life.

Don’t miss out ~ above the gorgeous sunsets and riverside hikes when vacationing here.

It is the ideal location to setup your following holiday and escape right into nature.

Here’s a list of the ideal things to do in Findlay:

Appreciate Nature’s Beauty at Riverside Park

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Located ~ above the financial institutions of the mesmerizing Blanchard River, this picturesque park attracts myriads of nature lovers.

It features an enchanting waterfall, dense foliage, picnic areas, sprawling greenery, playground, grills, a bandshell, basketball courts, hiking trails, baseball diamonds, volleyball courts, a swimming pool, beach area, a watercraft launch, and also so lot more.

The park is well-known for the astounding organic beauty and heavenly views.

It is popular for a vast array of entertain activities, such as swimming, fishing, birding, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, picnicking, and more.

Enjoy a refreshing riverside stroll when appreciating the breathtaking views.

Explore the river waters by paddle boating or kayaking, and beat the warm by swim in the park’s pool.

Try your hand at fishing, indulge in a fun game of volleyball or basketball, hike top top the verdant trails, and relish a beloved riverside picnic.

You have the right to enjoy terrific book or just relax under the the shade of a tree in the park’s peaceful atmosphere.

This park is a great place to take a break from the monotonous and mundane life and escape into nature.

Stop by Jeffrey’s neck Gallery for some Antique Shopping

For an ext than 3 decades, Jeffrey"s antique Galleries has actually been a premier antique mall near leave 161 the I-75.

The 38,000-square-foot building is home to over 300 dealers and also showcases shelves top top shelves of trinkets.

You will uncover various points as girlfriend wander around, from furniture, silverware, primitives, clocks, coins, soda pop, advertising, gas & oil, come glassware antiquities, etc.

They likewise offer a range of dine-in or take-out refreshments as well as ice cream sodas!

If you"re searching for a full day of shopping and also hanging out through your family and friends, concerned Jeffrey’s neck Gallery, whereby admission and parking are free!

When the weather it s okay hot, they likewise offer wait conditioning, so you deserve to spend as lot time as you need roaming about the miscellaneous floors the the mall.

They additionally welcome pets at their establishment, and also they have actually a spacious area exterior for every sorts the vehicles, such as an RV, a camper, a truck, and also so on.

Tour the Swiss neighborhood Historical Society

The Schumacher Homestead attributes a house, a summer kitchen, a barn, and also a it s as beautiful as picture garden.

It dated ago to 1843 and was home to the Schumacher family members who had moved come Ohio indigenous Switzerland in the 19th century.

The residence represents a Swiss settlement residence from the 1800s and features various historical artifacts, including furniture, utensils, and more.

Tour the house, the replica summer kitchen, barn, and also the gardens to get a glimpse right into the resides of Swiss settlers of this an ar during the 1800s.

Explore Fascinating Regional background at Hancock historic Museum

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This renowned museum emphasizes the history of Hancock County and the state the Ohio.

It consists of an agricultural building, Crawford log House, DeWald-Funk House, Davis Homestead, Hull/Flater house, Marathon Petroleum coporation, group Energy and also Transportation Annex, Michael G.

Oxley government Center, and also the tiny Red Schoolhouse.

The museum additionally maintains the Riverside Train, which to be previously located in Riverside Park.

The farming Building, additionally known together the “Barn,” focuses on the region"s background of agriculture and farming.

The Crawford Log residence dated ago to 1840 and was residence to Samuel Crawford and his family.

It provides you a glimpse of the lifestyle of early on settlers of the region.

The DeWald-Funk residence is one more 19th-century log cabin residence that lets you learn about the fascinating lifestyle of the people of this an ar during the Civil battle era.

The Davis Homestead is one of the oldest farmhouses in the region and dates ago to the 1800s.

It was moved to the museum campus ~ its initial farm was sold.

Constructed in 1881, the Hull/Flater house was previously home to among the co-founder of Findlay artificial Gas and Light agency and his family.

The family lived below until 1906, after which the Flater family members moved in.

The house has actually been maintained to accurately stand for its illustration if the households were quiet residing there.

The museum’s exhibits additionally include vintage cars and also motorcycles.

Tour the Michael G. Oxley Government center to inspect out the interaction exhibits around the background of public leadership.

Various events are arranged at the museum all year round, such as movie nights, Oktoberfest, handmade Cocktail competition, lectures, and also many more.

Visit this museum and also check out the plenty of historical artifacts and learn about the fascinating background of Hancock County.

Skate at The Cube ice cream Arena

For practically forty years, The Cube ice Arena has actually been the birthplace of plenty of athletes and also hosts because that spectacular feats on the rink.

You have the right to visit it anytime from September through late in march or periodically as beforehand as May.

You can discover The Cube ice cream Arena in ~ 318 Dorney Plaza, Findlay.

When you"re here during those warm July and August months, though, it"d be ideal to leave your skates at home.

Be sure to take it one minute the end of your day before booking her tickets to make sure every little thing is up-to-date at all times.

If you"re going come The Cube ice Arena, psychic to lug enough cash with you as well; the Cube is a financially responsible facility, which provides them require full payment ~ above arrival.

You will find an ATM in the lobby for simple access; simply remember the it"s CASH ONLY.

Spend a funny Day at Children"s Museum the Findlay

This is a influential children’s museum that gives hands-on finding out experiences through its various fun exhibits.

It intends to aid kids learn maths, science, arts, technology, and much more in a fun and also interesting way.

It is perfect for youngsters up to 10 year of age.

The various exhibits include a bank, climbing wall, farm, fire station, quarry, grocery store store, schoolhouse, theatre, hospital, bright zone lightroom, and also so much more.

The museum is open up from Wednesdays to Saturdays, from 11 am to 4 pm.

Visit this place and also spend a fun-filled day through your love ones.

Watch the Sunset at Findlay Reservoir

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Encompassing end 830 acres, these 2 picturesque reservoirs are renowned for a substantial array of the end recreation, such together hiking, jogging, birding, picnicking, boating, and fishing.

The waters are residence to many fishes, consisting of walleye, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, catfish, bluegill, and others.

The website provides an excellent opportunities because that birding, and you have the right to spot number of waterfowls, shorebirds, eagles, horned larks, and more.

Hike along the scenic shores and also enjoy the spectacular views of the relaxed waters.

It is a perfect ar to clock gorgeous sunsets and also relish a lover lakeside picnic.

Explore the waters by boating and also enjoy fishing here.

The tranquil environment really help you unwind and also relax.

Hiking in Oakwoods Nature Preserve

This renowned tourist attraction functions the Richard S. “Doc” Phillips exploration Center, two serene lakes, dense foliage, wetlands, nature trails, picnic areas, watercraft launch, diverse wildlife, fishing decks, prairie, farmlands, and also much more.

It is a nature lover’s paradise that attracts myriads the hikers and anglers.

The site is also an extremely popular for kayaking, picnicking, wildlife viewing, and birding.

Enjoy an invigorating hike top top the verdant trails and also feast her eyes to the splendid views approximately the park.

You can spot rabbits, owls, foxes, butterflies, and squirrels.

The Discovery center features a it s as beautiful as picture butterfly garden and fascinating interactive exhibits top top the wildlife uncovered in the nature preserve.

The waters of Shank and Dold lakes are house to bluegill, bass, catfish, crappie, and more.

Enjoy boating and also fishing top top the lakes and also relish a quite lakeside picnic when admiring nature’s heavenly beauty.

Outdoor Recreation in ~ Riverbend Recreation Area

Located ~ above the banks of Blanchard River, this park gives numerous opportunities for nature-based outdoor recreation, such together hiking, jogging, boating, fishing, camping, bowl golf, picnicking, and plenty more.

The park functions a peaceful lake, verdant trails, campsites, key golf course, picnic areas, playgrounds, fishing decks, a winter sports center, a dog park, volleyball courts, an arboretum, sprawling greenery, and also so lot more.

You can also access the Blanchard river Water Trail indigenous this park.

In winter, Riverbend Park is a renowned site because that snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

You have the right to enjoy spectacular views v all four seasons.

Camp below at night to discover the ar wilderness.

Have an exceptional time paddle boating in the river.

Landlubbers deserve to enjoy a scenic riverside hike or taste a lovely picnic by the lake.

Indulge in a fun video game of volleyball and also test your skills in the disc golf course.

Enjoy a book and relax under the the shade of a tree in the tranquil atmosphere of the park.

Browse arts at the university of Findlay"s Mazza Museum

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This renowned museum focuses on snapshot book art.

It has grown from its tiny beginnings through just four pieces of arts in 1982 come its existing collection of over 14000 artworks.

The museum has six galleries that display screen over 300 exhibits at any time.

It is affiliated v the college of Findlay and organizes various occasions throughout the year.

Admission to the museum is for sure free.

It is open up to the public on Sundays from 1 afternoon - 4 pm and also from Wednesdays with Fridays in between 12 afternoon - 5 pm.

Tour the museum and check the end the impressive pieces of creative works.

Tour the black color Heritage Library and Multicultural Center

Established in 1982, this is an around the world acclaimed museum and a loan library special exhibits from various countries.

The museum intends to to mark the significant contributions made by the African-American neighborhood through that exhibits the include plenty of historical artefacts and cultural memorabilia.

Check the end its award-winning exhibition that concentrates on the history of the second World battle Tuskegee Airmen.

Throughout the year, numerous events are arranged here, consisting of the black history month celebration, indigenous American Pow Wow, Cinco de Mayo, Dr.

Martin Luther King program and unity walk, and also more.

Picnicking in van Buren State Park

Encompassing nearly 300 acres, this park is popular for camping, hiking, fishing, boating, picnicking, and wildlife viewing.

It functions a big serene lake, woodlands, and nature trails.

The park is surrounding by picturesque farming lands, consisting of soybeans, wheat, and also cornfields.

You deserve to spot deer, owls, red foxes, snakes, opossums, squirrels, bluebirds, meadowlarks, and many more.

The lake is excellent for fishing, and you can record bass, bluegill, crappie, catfish, and also more.

Explore the tranquil waters through paddle boating or canoeing.

Hike top top the verdant trails that meander through the woods and also bring follow me a quite picnic to enjoy while admiring the scenic views.

Camp right here at night to stargaze and experience nature.

Train Rides at Northwest Ohio rail Preservation

Mbrickn, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This famous tourist attraction features quarter-scale train rides and a museum through fascinating displays.

It attractive myriads of train aficionados all year round.

The train rides are available during distinct events and also include the Halloween Express, Trick-or-Treat train, north Pole Express, Pumpkin Train, family members Fun Day, and more.

Throughout the year, numerous events are arranged here, together as design train shows, Pumpkin Fest, Findlay nation Fest, and also several others.

Kids love the museum.

Visit this museum and enjoy the exhilarating train rides.

Watch a display at Marathon Centre because that the Performing Arts

This performing arts theatre presents countless performances transparent the year, including plays, musicals, concerts, ballet, comedy shows, and also more.

Additionally, it functions an arts gallery and event hall.

It is a popular venue for weddings, reunions, and also other society gatherings.

This is a good place for a wonderful evening’s entertainment.

Get tickets and watch a live present here.

Kayaking at Blanchard river Nature Preserve

This nature preserve features the Blanchard River and is famous for hiking, birding, photography, kayaking, and canoeing.

Hike top top the verdant trail that winds through the woods and runs parallel come the river.

Enjoy canoeing or kayaking in the waters and feast your eyes top top the breathtaking see of the ar wilderness.

You deserve to spot many woodpeckers, yellow-throated warblers, and also Acadian flycatchers.

Take a break from the mundane and also monotonous day-to-day routine and also escape right into nature here.

Explore Litzenberg Memorial Woods and also McKinnis House

This site features woodlands, wetlands, sprawling greenery, a playground, nature trails, a 19th-century garden, and the 1847 McKinnis House.

The McKinnis family moved to this house in the 1800s.

Today, the is a museum that has been maintained to show how the home looked like when the household was resident there.

You can additionally find costumed interpreters in ~ the house.

The site is a good place because that hiking, picnicking and exploring nature.

Owing come the scenic views and tranquil atmosphere, it likewise happens to be a well-known venue because that reunions and other society gatherings.

Get a Taste that Findlay unavoidable Company"s ideal Craft Beer and also Burgers!

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Findlay Brewing company is a well-loved establishment in the area, many thanks to its diverse menu and also commitment to offer fresh, top quality fare.

Their burgers might be a display stopper to some, but for your money, their macaroni and also cheese dishes room a knockout.

Some can say you can never have enough of a an excellent thing, yet that isn"t constantly true.

There"s no doubt the Findlay has actually some terrific cooks ~ above staff that work tough every day come prepare the best meals possible.

But the would advantage them if lock were less heavy-handed once pressing out such famous dishes, such together burgers, since you will get what you pay because that - too lot pressure, and also it"ll dried it out big time!

Their spicy dipping sauce goes an excellent with drinks and also pretty much any type of meal on the menu.

Watch a video game at Emory Adams Park

This park features a basketball court, sports fields, go paths, a playground, picnic areas, and also more.

It has actually multiple baseball, softball, soccer, and lacrosse fields.

You have the right to hike top top the walking paths to reap the views and then taste a delicious enjoy the meal in the picnic areas.

The park is likewise host to countless events, such as hot air balloon festivals, health and wellness runs, sports tournaments, and also more.

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Final Thoughts

If Findlay has one thing, it"s certainly the awesome things you have the right to experience here!

Indeed, Findlay is the perfect ar to visit because that outdoor adventures, engaging museums, and remarkable parks and also landscapes that market various activities and landmarks.