The precise time in Kadena is based upon the time area for Kadena. We will constantly tryto give you the precise time for Kadena. There could be slim differences, since the timezones because that Kadena might readjust due to daylight savings time (DST).

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Time changes in Kadena space usually done to it is adapted citizen and also tourist task to the solar cycle. This allows for greater usage of daylight, reducing dependency top top electricity. The is why the moment is sent ahead one hour in the feather for Kadena, and also falls backone hour in the loss for Kadena. Including an extra hour the daylight helps Kadena to improve itstourism and also depend less on Kadena"s electrical power supplies.


Time alters DST in Kadena

Each nation perform that is time adjust according come the Daylight saving Time rule on a different day the the year, which deserve to or not complement with the beginning of the summer. That is why us recommend girlfriend to inspect out the time readjust dates to stay up come date.

These are the time change dates in Kadena throughout 2021:Daylight conserving Time in Kadena starts on:: -Daylight conserving Time in Kadena end on: -
Sunrise and sunset time in Kadena

Sunrise in Kadena is in ~ 06:31:05 and sunset time in Kadena is in ~ 17:56:04.

Length that the job in Kadena is 11:25 hoursCivil twilight starts at 06:07:44 and ends in ~ 18:19:26 hoursNautical twilight in Kadena starts at 05:40:42 and also ends at 18:46:27 hours.Astronomical twilight in Kadena starts at 05:13:50 and ends at 19:13:20 hours.
Kadena coordinates and location in the world

Which are latitude and longitude coordinates of Kadena in the map that the world?

Kadena"s latitude: 26° 22" NKadena"s longitude: 127° 46" E

Hotels to stay and book in Kadena, Japan

If you are travelling for vacations come Kadena and looking because that to book a hotel in ~ a an excellent price, click on the many hotels links below to find much more information and also details. Girlfriend will uncover hotel rooms prices, payment methods, location and also opening hours, that will aid you booking the best hotel in Kadena because that your budget during your vacations.


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What time is in has the goal of becoming the world-wide leader in the time-zone and time distinction information provider market. We"re working in the direction of that goal, do the efforts to make daylight save time adjustments automatic. That"s why we administer you v this embeddable digital clock to present your users the moment in Kadena.