“What lock Want” is Russ' 37th single. The song is a solution to labels—Russ is speak he’s better off without them. Top top January 2, 2016, a little over 4 months after being… read More 

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Yeah (Ooh)Yeah (Oh)They let united state in the rap game (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)I oath they allow me in this motherfucking rap game (Mmm, yeah, yeah)Got a chick, I contact her Lola, she feel like the oceanLike come drink and smoke part doja and I feel like smokingPlus she an excellent at charming cobras, ns feel prefer I'm chosenBut she ain't the just one, noGot a chick, I speak to her Katia, she be acting boujeeThen she come through and also topped me off, currently she simply a groupieGot the aura the the Mafia, her friends wish they knew meBut they ain't the just ones, no, noWhat castle want, what they want, what castle wantDollar signs, yeah, I know it's what castle wantWhat they want, what lock want, what castle wantY'all ain't fooling me at all, ooh, ooh, ooh, oohI gone to this shit for nine years, now they start to callI'm a DIY pioneer, lock trying to acquire involvedYippee ki-yay, ahh yeah, 'bout to collection it offI'm most likely the only one, yeahCome correct once you method me, I have the right to size friend upTaking every the shots prefer Kobe, virtually 81Guess I gained to play the goalie and go and also save me someI'm most likely the just one, yeah

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What lock want, what they want, what lock wantDollar signs, yeah, I recognize it's what castle wantWhat lock want, what lock want, what they wantY'all ain't fooling me in ~ all, ooh, ooh, ooh, oohWho wants my money? I'll tell you who I don't posesthe withWho's pulling strings? I'm simply pointing the end all the puppetsWhat I'm demanding is fucking up all the budgetsI'm smart as fuck, they be talking choose I'm the dumbestBut I know what they want from me, dollars, most stock in meIt ain't naught personal, it's business and I'm a commodityBut honestly, popular music Pop would be turning in his graveThe day i let who else end up being the ceo of meWhen there's a ceo of me, I'll be damnedWhat lock want, what lock want, what castle wantDollar signs, yeah, I understand it's what they wantWhat castle want, what they want, what castle wantY'all ain't fooling me at allOoh, ooh, ooh, ooh