There exists a geographic suggest where 2 of the largest nations in the world are be separated by less than three miles.

Russia (ranked as the largest country in the civilization at6,601,670 square miles) and also the United states (ranked together the 4th largest nation in the world at3,677,649 square miles) are just separated through a brief distance yet time wise room 21 hours apart.

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Where are the unified States and also Russia the the next Geographically?

The the next geographic allude between the boundaries of the joined States and Russia lies in the Bering Strait situated in the Pacific Ocean.

The Diomedes Islands note the closest point between Russia and the united States.

Located between midland Siberia and also the state that Alaska room two tiny islands. The theChukchi Sealies come the north and also theBering Seato the south.

Separating the two islands is the International day Line (IDL) which is additionally the border in between Russia and also the united States.

A just 2.4 miles (3.8 kilometers) off the two islands.

Satellite photo from the NASA-NOAA Suomi NPP satellite showing the ar of the Diomedes Islands. Image: June 2, 2017, NASA.

The larger island is known as large Diomedes is the easternmost allude in Russia. The smaller sized island is well-known as tiny Diomedes and also is in ~ the united States’ border.

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Little Diomedes is 0.6 kilometers (0.4mi) indigenous the International date Line. Big Diomedes is 1.3kilometers (0.81mi) west the the IDL.

This area is the closest country to the United states without share a border.

Separated by 21 Hours

Since the IDL off the 2 islands, they are additionally referred to asTomorrow Island and also Yesterday Isle. Tomorrow Island (Big Diomedes) is 21 hrs ahead of Yesterday Isle (Little Diomedes) back some people erroneously think these two islands room separated by 23 hours.

A NASA-NOAA Suomi NPP satellite image acquired on June 2, 2017 showing the large and little Diomedes islands. Image: NASA, publicly domain.

The archipelago were named after the Greek saint Diomede by Danish-Russian navigatorVitus Bering who sighted the islands on respectable 16, 1728, the feast work of the saint.

Political Separation

The politics separation occurred when the United claims purchased Alaska native Russia in1867 and also a new border to be drawn in between the two islands. Throughout the Cold War, the ar of the Bering directly that passes in between the 2 islands to be nicknamed the “Ice Curtain”.

About 52 miles southern of the Arctic Circle, the islands have a gentle temperature during the summer months, averaging around 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.During the winter, temperatures dip listed below freezing, averaging 6 and 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

During the winter months, an ice leg spans the two islands return travel in between the 2 is no allowed. The ice retreats northward through the summer and also the waters during the summer are completely ice free.

Based on the 2010 us Census, about 115 Inupiatpeople live ~ above the western coast of small Diomedes in the town of Diomedes (also recognized as Iŋaliq.).

Big Diomedes has actually no long-term residents however the island houses a Russian weather station. Large Diomedes is the easternmost allude in Russia.



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