Consider the adhering to IP deal with. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Class A, Class B, Class B, Class C

Which three of the complying with IP addresses are Class B addresses?

Which of the following IP addresses have actually a default subnet mask of (Select all that apply)

What is the default subnet mask for the IP address

A organize on the network-related has an IP address of making use of tthe default subnet mask. How would certainly you recognize the attend to and also mask utilizing CIDR notation?

You regulate a subnet that uses the following subnet address: Which of the complying with ideal describes just how addressing is configured for the subnet?


You manage a server that offers an IP attend to of 192.168.2555.188 via a mask of Which of the adhering to defines the resolve type


Which organization is responsible for allocating public IP addresses?


Which of the complying with best explains the objective of utilizing subnets

Subnets divide an IP network-related deal with into multiple netjob-related addresses

You’ve chose to usage a subnet mask of on the network-related to develop four seperate subnets. Which netoccupational IDs will be assigned to these subnets in this configuration? (Select two)


You have a small network-related connected to the Web as shown in the Exhibit. You must connumber the default gatemeans address on Wrk1 so that it have the right to communicate with hosts on the internet. Which deal with would certainly you usage for the default gateway address?

The IP address assigned to Fa0/0 on Router1

You have actually a small netjob-related via a single subnet connected to the Internet as shown in the Exhilittle. The router has actually been assigned the 2 addresses displayed. You need to manually configure the workstation to connect

IP Address= Subnet Mask= Default Gateway= DNS Server=

You freshly developed a brand-new network segment for Growth. Because the hosts are now on a different netoccupational segment, they deserve to no much longer contact DHCP server.

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Both network-related segments are connected wia a Cisco router. Which of the adhering to would be the finest action to take in order to solve the problem?