Live Updater is an update routine that runs and also Checks because that updates, and automatically downloads and also install them on one Acer Computer. The user have the right to as well set a schedule the how frequent they would like the regime to examine for software application updates. Keeping software as much as date and also ensuring the patches space downloaded and installed is the primary goal of this software. In enhancement to providing brand-new versions that the software application at continual intervals, the updated regimen can also furnish customers with more information. Users may opt to schedule a various time to check for updates. Alternatively, castle can also choose to manually examine for updates if they do not have constant access to an internet connection. If over there is an accessible update or patch, Live Updater will automatically download and also install it.what is live updater home windows 10wat is live updaterlive updater setup wizardlive updater acerlive updater gatewayacer live updaterHow come Uninstall Live UpdaterFor windows 10 users:Open the begin menu and also click settingsChoose device settingsChoose Apps and also FeaturesChoose the app you want to uninstallClick top top the Uninstall buttonConfirm the uninstallationFor windows 8 users:Move the mouse to the bottom-right edge of the desktop to activate the next menuClick settings then Control dashboard and then click Uninstall Live Updater programFind the routine on the set up programs list and highlight itClick Uninstall to the height of the screen to start the uninstallation processFollow the accuse to finish the uninstallationRestart your computer system following the removalFor windows 7 users:Click ~ above the Windows switch to the bottom-left corner of the desktopOpen the Control panel and select Uninstall Live Updater programClick Uninstall to the height of the display to begin the uninstallation processFollow the indict to complete the uninstallationRestart your computer following the removalMethod 2 for removed Live Updater1. Generally when you install a item of software on her computer, it creates a desktop computer shortcut2. Appropriate click this desktop shortcut and click top top “properties”. Open up up the shortcut tab in properties and choose discover Target. This opens up the Live Updater installation folder:

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3. From below you can see the data of the app that you plan on removing, such as the EXE or DLL document type. Friend can additionally see the default installation path for the program, which typically starts with C:Program Files. You might need come manually remove leftover records from this catalog later.4. Frequently you can discover a file called Uninstall.exe in the folder, which deserve to be supplied to uninstall the program.Searches concerned Live Updater
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