I can define some features of a scaled copy.I have the right to tell whether or no a figure is a scaled copy of an additional figure.

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Lesson 1: What space Scaled Copies?

Let’s check out scaled copies.

Illustrative mathematics Unit 7.1, class 1 (printable worksheets)

Lesson 1 Summary

The complying with diagram defines some qualities of a scaled copy and how come tell whether or not a number is a scaled copy of an additional figure.


Lesson 1.1 printing Portraits

Here is a portrait of a student. Move the slider under every image, A–E, to watch it change.Open Applet

Which photos are many like the original? i m sorry are the very least like the original? explain your reasoning.Some the the sliders do scaled copies of the original portrait. Which of the Portraits A–E do you think space scaled copies? explain your reasoning.What carry out you think “scaled copy” means? class 1.2 Scaling F

On the optimal left is the original drawing of the letter F. There are likewise several various other drawings.

Identify all the illustrations that are scaled duplicates of the original letter F drawing. Define how girlfriend know.Examine every the scaled copies an ext closely, specifics the lengths that each component of the letter F. Exactly how do they compare to the original? What carry out you notice?Lesson 1.3 bag of Scaled Polygons

Your teacher will provide you a collection of cards that have actually polygons attracted on a grid. Mix up the cards and also place them all face up.

Take turns with your companion to match a pair of polygons that space scaled duplicates of one another.a. For each match you find, define to her partner how you recognize it’s a match.b. Because that each enhance your companion finds, listen carefully to your explanation, and also if friend disagree, explain your thinking.When girlfriend agree on all of the matches, examine your answers through the prize key. If over there are any type of errors, comment on why and also revise your matches.Are you ready for more?

Is it possible to attract a polygon the is a scaled copy the both Polygon A and Polygon B? Either attract such a polygon, or define how you know this is impossible.

Lesson 1 practice ProblemsIs it feasible to attract a polygon the is a scaled copy of both Polygon A and also Polygon B? Either attract such a polygon, or describe how you know this is impossible.Tyler says that number B is a scaled copy of number A because every one of the peaks are half as tall.Do you agree through Tyler? describe your reasoning.Here is a picture of the climbed Bowl stadium in Pasadena, CA.Here space some duplicates of the picture. Pick all the images that space scaled duplicates of the original picture.Complete every equation with a number that renders it true.

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