What is the significant difference in between double-precision data kind and numeric data type in R programming?



From stat.ethz.ch:

It is a historic anomaly the R has two names for its floating-point vectors, double and numeric (and previously had real). Double is the surname of the type. Numeric is the name of the mode and also of the implicitly class. As an S4 officially class, usage "numeric". The potential confusion is the R has used setting "numeric" to typical ‘double or integer’

We deserve to think the doubles together belonging come numeric. To view this:

> is.double(1) <1> TRUE > is.numeric(1) <1> TRUER typically stores numbers together doubles. Making use of "numeric()" is the same as "double()." girlfriend can also store a number as a single or one integer. Both will certainly be numeric. Girlfriend may choose to pressure a number it is in stored as an creature for performance reasons, yet unless you are structure a parcel the trade offs could not be worth your time.

I indicate reading Gillespie"s outline for an ext info on form and performance.

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tk3: numeric is NOT always identical to twin (and real).

> x storage.mode(x)<1> "double"> is.numeric(x)<1> TRUE> x storage.mode(x)<1> "integer"> is.numeric(x)<1> TRUE
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