"Home Alone" director kris Columbus called Insider the behind-the-scenes story the Donald Trump"s cameo in the movie"s sequel. After directing the fight original, Columbus came earlier to also helm the sequel, "Home Alone 2: shed in new York." They had to acquire Trump"s permission to shoot in the lobby of the Plaza Hotel since at the moment he own it. Columbus said Trump agreed to let lock shoot in the lobby just if he was in the movie. "He did bully his means into the movie," Columbus said.This month clues the 30th anniversary that the classic comedy "Home Alone," which to be so effective that it spawned four sequels. But only the second movie, 1992"s "Home Alone 2: shed in brand-new York," has a cameo by Donald Trump.

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Before he ended up being the 45th president of the unified States, Trump uncovered fame as a new York City businessman. It caused him crossing routes with the "Home Alone" franchise earlier in the early on 1990s.

In one interview Insider had actually with kris Columbus, that directed "Home Alone" and also "Lost in new York," he revealed just how aggressive Trump to be to acquire into the sequel to the hit comedy.

In the sequel, Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) is when again left alone by his family and also ends increase in brand-new York City. He speak his means into continuing to be at the glitzy Plaza Hotel and also has one more encounter v the burglars native the first film, harry (Joe Pesci) and also Marv (Daniel Stern).

Donald Trump v actor macaulay Culkin in ~ the Plaza hotel in 1991.Ron Galella/Getty Images

Columbus claimed the production faced Trump because, in ~ the time, he own the Plaza Hotel.

"We want to shooting in the lobby," Columbus recalled. "We couldn"t rebuild The Plaza ~ above a soundstage."

Everyone affiliated with the movie thought they would simply pay trump card a fee, as is commonly the norm when shooting in ~ a specific location, and also everything would be square. Yet Trump want more.

"We paid the fee, but he likewise said, "The only means you can use the Plaza is if I"m in the movie,"" Columbus said. "So us agreed to put him in the movie."

It"s unclear if Columbus was constantly going to use Trump"s cameo in the movie, however it was determined for him the an initial time "Lost in new York" was shown to an audience.

"People cheered as soon as Trump showed up on-screen," Columbus said. "So I claimed to mine editor, "Leave him in the movie. It"s a minute for the audience." yet he walk bully his way into the movie."

Here"s the trumped cameo in "Home Alone 2: shed in new York":

You can read Insider"s complete conversation v Columbus with much more behind-the-scenes "Home Alone" secrets here.

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