Ever because Roast N' Review had released a Ryan Upchurch blog claiming that “Upchurch do country-rap relevant," angry grew exponentially throughout the country-rap community. 

It had actually reached the level of united state receiving emails (that were borderline essays), messages, posts, tags, etc. The were informing us off and also how we were ignorant for making together claims. Ouch!

Many people are arguing that Adam Calhoun, one more country-rap artist and also pioneer, had actually paved the method for country-rap, so stop mud-slide right into that topic.

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Adam Calhoun is by no way below nor above Ryan Upchurch as his fluidity in the country and also country-rap community flows in sync v Upchurch’s.

Both men have actually a respectable career, was standing firm on your platforms, release an effective music and also have equal country-like qualities. 

As because that Adam Calhoun himself, he have the right to rock the socks turn off of pretty much any type of country pan from his online persona.

The all-American American, pro-military, bacon expert, van drivin', and lover of anything that needs to do through back-roads has actually expressed himself through many hobbies.


Adam has a problem with today's culture and prefers to talk about those problems; don't try to adjust his mind, the dude stands certain on his opinions (stay solid). While part don't agree v him, countless of his fans and supporters stand ideal by his muscular side and flex on castle haters. 

He likewise dives deep into life and also important topics that us desperately should discuss, which ns personally watch. (Just going come say this in case you read it, store going Adam, friend rock)!

Anyhow. Adam Calhoun has a couple of tricks up his sleeve together he surprisingly provides music too. That knew such a buff and tough dude likes to sing and rap?

From his album with (we shall not say his name) in 2017 referred to as 'Made in America' to his newer releases 'AmerAcal, The Throne, and also Crazy White Boy,' Adam manifests the stamin in his bulky arms into song, and also expresses self in a method only a country-boy could.

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This is whereby Adam Calhoun and couple of other artists room special. Behind the scene of every song, every video or post, and also every album release is a character, and also one thing that Adam Calhoun holds and never changes is his character. 

So in rebuttal, yes, Adam Calhoun additionally paved the method for country-rap, yet, in a different manner. To put it into analogy, Adam Calhoun and Ryan Upchurch space the left and also right legs to the body of country and everything nation stands for.