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About our search index

Due to constraints of the find API we use, we have the right to only table of contents a solved amount that (new) searches every month. If your search has come up empty (e.g. Not indexed), please try again later.

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The results are noted "as is" and should not be thought about reliable, nor perform they reflect the opinion the tastecraftedmcd.com, the creators, Twitter, ice cream (Microsoft) or Google.

The outcomes are just a have fun of a majority in search term outcomes reported by said search-engine.

Note that the website is an ongoing experiment. Results have the right to indeed vary per month, which is totally normal because of opinions in reality changing, and fluctuations in find engine indexing.

Searches detailed by bing (up come 12-2016) and Google

How the "works"

Since launching in 2009, this has actually sparked some discussion regarding how it every works. The analysis system is fairly basic: the searchterm is used in (English) sentences, which room arranged right into three categories of connotation: negative, positive and also indifferent. This sentences are then sent out off to the find engine(s)*, counting the number of results changed for every category, which space subsequently converted into percentages. The sentences are double quoted, come make sure the search-engine searches for events of the whole sentence.

These results stand for a very global impression of connotations (positive, negative or indifferent) for stated search term, therefore they have to not it is in taken too seriously.

However, the an ext results (hits) are went back for a search, the an ext accurate the percentages can become. Some noticeable searches (such as beer, negative breath, parking tickets, sex, etc) are more than likely not much off – or perhaps even in-sync – through the an outcome you had in mind.

Everything boils under to connotation. To read more on this, in relation to the website, we highly recommend reading this very nice write-up on tastecraftedmcd.com by membranous Trill, i beg your pardon is point out on and also explains why some outcomes seem to it is in "wrong".

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* indigenous 2009-2012 we provided the three huge ones: Yahoo, Google and also Bing. In between 2012-2014 Bing to be the only one left, because april 2014 Google (using custom Search) to be reintroduced to the system and also Bing was eventually removed december 2016, together the API is no much longer free.