Snapchat keeps a document of everybody you snap, chat, or add in your Recents. But occasionally this document might be inconvenient to store, particularly if you chat through most people. Or there’s a document that you don’t desire a significant other to check out.

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Scroll down to the Account Actions section and also pick Clear Conversations
Clear all conversations at as soon as by tapping the Clear All option near the optimal of the screen (optional)
Tap on Clear Search History

How to Clear Recents from Snapchat on Android

Your Snapchat Recents is simply a list of your application task from conversations to breaks. You can’t actually delete the list itself, however you have the right to delete conversations and search background.

To delete Conversations:

Open Snapchat
Scroll dvery own and tap on Clear Conversations

To delete Search history:

Go back into the Settings food selection by tapping on the equipment icon
Confirm the action

How to Clear Recents from Snapchat on Windows and also Mac

If you have accessibility to Snapchat on a Windows or Mac, you’re probably doing it through an emulator. There’s really no various other means to run the app without. And unfavor other social media apps, it doesn’t have actually a dedicated internet web page for browsers.

You have the right to try clearing your Conversations and Search history utilizing the procedures pointed out above, yet there’s no guarantee that it will certainly job-related. Snapchat is for usage on a mobile tool, so its emulator simulation might obtain a little bit “iffy.” If this doesn’t work, you might must grab your mobile device and try to clear Recents the old-fashioned method.

How to Clear Recents and Best Friends on Snapchat

Snapchat finest friends are sindicate people whom the app sees you communicating with the most. They’re noted via emojis after you spfinish a bit of time interacting with them.

Like clearing Recents, Snapchat doesn’t permit customers to ssuggest delete civilization from Best Friends. You have to go about it in a roundaround method. Here are some options:

Interact via them lessIncrease the levels of interactivity through other world so another name relocations theirsSpeak sfinishing and also receiving breaks via the personBlock and also unblock them on the application to reset their score

If you desire to go the added mile and also clear Recents that they might appear in, you have the right to delete their individual Conversations and also your Search background.

Further FAQs


What Do Streaks and also Recents Mean on Snapchat?

Have you checked out the fire emoji next to a friend’s name? That implies that you and your friend are on a Snapstreak. Snapstreaks happen as soon as you and also that frifinish Snap each various other for over 3 consecutive days with much less than 24 hours in between each Snap. Chats don’t count once accumulating points toward a Snapstreak.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eOn the various other hand, Recents are a list of everyone you’ve ever interacted with or included, consisted of Snaps and Chats. Think of it as a digital scrapbook of all your Snapchat interactions, whereas Streaks commemorate a much more specific kind of interactivity.

How Do You View Old Snapchat Conversations?

Snapchat auto-deletes chats sent out one-on-one ideal after both users opened and left the Chat. You have up to 24-hrs if you change the erase rules in the Chat Settings, but that’s it.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThe servers for the application likewise auto-deletes any type of unopened Chats after 30 days. But you have the right to always save them by pushing and also holding the Chat.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eSo, you can’t check out old conversations unless you currently saved them within the allotted time.

How Do You Clear Your Snapchat History?

To clear your Snapchat history, go to the Setups food selection by tapping on the equipment icon on your Profile screen. Scroll down and pick Clear Search History and confirm the action.

How Long Do Recents Stay on Snapchat?

Recents remain on Snapchat as long as you have actually an account. The application records all the interactions even if the actual Snaps and Chats are long gone.

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Be Careful How You Snap

One of the perks around making use of Snapchat is the ephemeral interactions yet remember that all data gets tape-recorded one method or an additional. And you can’t constantly hit a Delete switch to take it earlier.