If you have a Skype, Xbox, Hotmail or Outlook.com account then you additionally have a OneDrive account. Even if you accessibility the various other tastecraftedmcd.com solutions, if you do not access your OneDrive account within 12 months, or if you exceed your storage limit, your OneDrive account will certainly be frozen.

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Why is my OneDrive frozen?

Your OneDrive account can be frozen because:

Your 100GB Samsung bonus has actually expired. This was for a solved period of time and also cannot be renewed.

Other OneDrive storage that you purchased or acquired with a proactivity has actually expired.

You haven"t signed in lately. To prevent OneDrive from freezing, you have to either:

Use OneDrive on your computer system, Xbox or mobile gadget at least when a year.

How do I unfreeze my account?

If your OneDrive is frozen bereason you quit utilizing it, sign in to the OneDrive webwebsite and follow the on-display instructions to unfreeze it. 

If your OneDrive is frozen bereason you’re over your storage limit, you have two options:

1. Get more storage

Increasing your storage quota will unfreeze your account. This have the right to be accomplished by taking a manufacturer bonus, referral bonus, or buying a subscription.

Sign in to Manage your storage and see what plans and also offers are accessible to you. 

Need more than 1 TB? With an tastecraftedmcd.com 365 Family subscription, you gain 6 TB: 1 TB for each of the 6 individuals. You deserve to share your full storage around and also have usage of even more than 1 TB by sharing folders in between users and including the mutual folders to your own OneDrive.

You can likewise unfreeze your account via the OneDrive mobile app, or purchase additional storage if needed. 

To unfreeze your account, tap Unfreeze your account. (Note that you will have 30 days to remove sufficient papers to be under the storage limit prior to your account will be refrozen.) Tap Unfreeze to acexpertise the reminder.

To purchase additional storage, tap Get 1 TB of OneDrive storage via Office 365.

After requesting an account unfreeze or purchasing additional storage, it deserve to take as much as 24 hours to unfreeze your account.

What happens once my OneDrive is frozen?

Don’t issue, your papers are still there. You simply have to unfreeze your account to gain access to your papers aobtain.

You will must unfreeze your account, or your documents will certainly eventually be deleted.

How lengthy does it take to unfreeze my OneDrive account?

When unfreezing your account, most accounts are restored within 24 hours.

If your account isn"t restored after 24 hours, you can email the OneDrive tastecraftedmcd.com team.

How have the right to I make sure I remain within the storage limit?

Check and compare the dimension of your OneDrive storage to the accessible disk room on your PC. If you don"t have actually sufficient space on your OneDrive or your COMPUTER, you will need to relocate or delete some records, or minimize the number of files and folders.

If you do not have enough space on your OneDrive, you can:

What happens if I do nothing after my OneDrive is frozen?

Your OneDrive account and also all papers within it (consisting of OneNote notepublications stored in OneDrive) will be deleted on or after the date shown on OneDrive.com when you sign in. This will certainly not influence content you may have in various other tastecraftedmcd.com services such as Outlook.com or Xbox.

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Get online help See more assistance pperiods for OneDrive.For the OneDrive mobile app, see Troubleshoot OneDrive mobile app problems.


Contact tastecraftedmcd.com If you still require aid, shake your mobile gadget while you"re in the OneDrive application or call tastecraftedmcd.com with your web browser.

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