A strange bug is beginning to confuse constant Snapchat users. After sending out a message, the app will speak it has actually been delivered, together usual. However, nevertheless of as soon as the blog post was received, Snapchat will say it to be opened simply now. Together a result, individuals don’t understand when messages were actually received. What causes Snapchat to say opened simply now? review on to discover more.

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Why walk Snapchat say breaks were opened just now?


It’s not completely clear why Snapchat states messages to be opened simply now. However, this does it seems to be ~ to it is in a brand-new phenomenon, appearing sometime in the last couple of months. No matter when the Snap photo, video, or chat blog post was sent, Snapchat will certainly say it to be opened just now.

While some cases of this keep going may simply be coincidence, it seems to it is in happening to more and an ext users. In virtually all cases, Snapchat claims messages were opened just now at any time the app itself is opened. After the — as soon as you see that that was opened up — the will stay in the opened state afterward. And while you’ll have the ability to check when the snap to be sent, girlfriend won’t be able to tell as soon as it was actually viewed.

That’s the main problem: there’s no way of telling once Snaps were in reality opened. It gives users the sense that recipients no responding come messages, having viewed them just as quickly as they examine to check out if the message had been opened at all. For people who connect frequently, or those who urge upon fashionable conversations, this an insect can be an extremely frustrating. It could potentially even reason an argument.

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Either way, shot to remember the Snapchat speak messages were opened simply now is nothing much more than a bug or glitch. In basically every instance, the time as soon as Snapchat says the article was opened corresponds directly come the time as soon as you examine on its status. Hopefully the team in ~ Snap Inc. Will be able to fix this problem soon and end everyone confusion. Otherwise, individuals may think about deleting your Snapchat account entirely.