My friends say it all the moment, and also I have no principle what it implies. I do not know if it is a spanish word or what! What carry out you think it means?

Mylanta is a stomach medication used for gas. But once you say "oh mylanta" it is simply another method of saying "oh my god" without utilizing gods name in vane. bereason mylanta starts via "my" human being just say mylanta instead of my god it has actually no other meaning.

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The Expression "oh my lanta" came from the sitcom Full House wright here the character Uncle Jesse supplied the expression prefer one would certainly say oh my gosh.

It"s from complete house. It"s D.Js catchphrase. She provides it rather of "Oh my god" because the actress didn"t feel comfortable with saying it. So she says "Oh my lanta!"

A recent television commercial for an antacid referred to as "Mylanta" presented its users singing the praises of the product and also using the phrase, "Oh, Mylanta" in a lot the method civilization say such points as "Oh, my God!" or "Oh, my Lord" to expush shock or surpincrease.

People offered to use euphemisms to substitute for these phrases, saying things favor "Oh, my goodness!" or "Oh, my lands!"

Commercials are created to be memorable, and regularly slogans supplied in commercials enter day-to-day speech, as was the instance via the Wendy"s commercial popularizing "Where"s The Beef?"

"Oh, Mylanta" is a mild expletive, and also a continuing resource of advertisement for a brand also name.

Mylanta is some sort of a stomach remedy. My students say it all the time. I"m not certain wbelow they gained it. It"s type of a humorous take on "Oh, My".

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full house mutha ****** its not no medication u dumbass ***** retards don"t understand anything head *** ***** why the **** would u think its a medicine u lil retards

Very basic. Mylanta is a medication offered to fight acidity. Go to a pharmacy and you will certainly view it

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