What is Candle Magick?

Using candles in rituals are frequently seen in various religions and also beliefs anywhere the world. Candle are frequently used to attach with the divine or the ethereal realm to manifest, mental or honor an excellent deities and also those who have actually passed. 

Candle magick is no different from how you usage candles for praying and making one affirmation. In fact, without even knowing it, you have actually been practicing candle magick as soon as a year due to the fact that you to be born! birthday candles space no different from candle magick. You make a wish, possibly a goal or one intention, you rigid at the candles for a second or so and also blow castle out. 

What renders a candle magical is the thought, message, or intention the you send the fire with, into the spiritual realm. 

Candles additionally make an excellent focal points during meditation. It help you center and focus on her affirmations – away from doubts, an unfavorable thoughts, and self-limiting beliefs. 

Balance of Elements

Candle magick is a great way come connect and also balance the element energies around and within you. This is due to the fact that the four elements, water, air, earth, and fire, are present in a lighted candle. 

The flame, unmistakably, to represent the aspect of fire. This represents your passion, drive, willpower, and an inspiration in achieving ours goals. 

The wax of the candle represents the water element, since of its capability to turn into liquid and, eventually, into gas. This aspect connects you with the divine feminine, responsible for keeping the top quality of her relationships, consisting of with yourself. 

The oxygen, which makes it possible for a candle to be lit, to represent the facet of air. This element is associated with your intuition, knowledge, and also wisdom carried by your highest Self. 

On the other hand, the basic of the candle represents your root, the earth aspect which is responsible for grounding you especially in time of wrath and also unconsciousness. 

All these elements aid guide her intention to the ethereal realm wherein it have the right to be heard by the divine and sent ago for you to experience totally as a successful manifestation. 


Reading a Flickering Candle with the four Elements

Elements play critical role in reading a flickering candle. As pointed out above, these elements are internally present in a lit candle to support your course and, might speak its post through a flickering candle.

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Traditionally, a flickering flame may easily be taken as the existence of spirits, however that would certainly be as well vague and also imprecise. 

Here’s a suggestion: take into consideration that a flickering candle may not always mean the visibility of spirits. 

A flickering flame have the right to be based upon the 4 compass points that may also represent the four facets we questioned earlier. 

North (Earth): If a fire flickers north, this can mean that forces that affect your route come externally. This has your environment, home, and also the civilization you surround you yourself with. 

East (Air): If a fire flickers east, this could suggest the you can be looking too far ahead by making unrealistic expectations or making yourself a obstacle by binging top top self-limiting beliefs.

South (Fire): If a fire flickers south, this can mean that your on purpose is being surrounded by strong, positive energy.

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This might suggest that you are on the appropriate track and you space bound to suffer your manifestations soon.

West (Water): If a fire flickers west, your emotions may either it is in clouding or sustaining your path. When you endure a west flickering flame, it might be the best time come reassess, evaluate, and also acknowledge her emotions.