-OTUS, the shortened variation of the phrase "of the United States," was an unlikely enhancement to our language, as it is both a sufsolve and an acronym (or, if you like, an initialism). Yet this repertoire of letters has actually regulated to be fairly effective. We began making use of -OTUS in the late 1ninth century, and also we"re still finding new ways to usage it today.

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POTUS also began as an abbreviation offered by telegraphic code operators. It wasn"t the first shortening offered by the telegraphic area for this title: Frank Miller’s 1882 Telegraphic Code to Insure Privacy and Security in the Transmission of Telegrams offered the curious pointer of telegraphing the word mortmain, rather than "President of the U.S." As one of the definitions of mortmain is "the influence of the past pertained to as managing or restricting the existing," it seems feasible that the code book"s compiler had a feeling of the poetic.

Although SCOTUS and also POTUS are by much the the majority of widespread words to use this suffix, they are far from the only ones. FLOTUS ("First Lady of the United States") showed up in the 1980s, wright here it might have originated as the Secret Service"s code name for Nancy Reagan. The Vice President is sometimes referred to as VPOTUS, although the obstacle in pronouncing the initial vp of that word possibly contributes to its relative scarcity.

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Occasional nonce-usperiods of -OTUS will come up, such as COTUS (constitution) and TOTUS (teleprompter, in a dig at President Obama"s ostensible usage of them). Time will certainly tell if extra -OTUS words proceed to sign up with our language.