Description: 20 seconds sound clip from the Kung Pow! go into the Fist movie soundboard.

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You deserve to hear this heat at 00:25:02 in the DVD variation of the movie.

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- Let him hear it. Oh, that"s tender. That is tender.

- give thanks to you.

- I have been called poor before. Countless have said I carry out things that room not exactly to do.

- ns don"t believe in such talk as this.

- ns am nice man with happy feelings all of the time!

- First, a joke. What execute you get when you overcome an owl through a bungee cord? my ass. Nyah, ha ha! Ha ha!

- Enough!

- Gentlemen, from today forward you will certainly all refer to me by the name Betty.

- yet isn"t Betty a woman"s name?

- Easy, easy! us don"t want to shed any an ext toes here.

- You"ll all need to excuse understand Pain uh, Betty.


Top rated lines from this movie

I"ll take a pound of nuts. -That"s a many nuts!
I will certainly write their following hit, maybe. A-boom-boom chickie-chickie boom-boom boom-chickie chaka-chaka-choo-choo.
I am nice guy with happy feelings all of the time!
Hmm. I"ll death him. I"ll kill him dead. Hmm, favor with with a absent or something. Prefer a... Like a stone.
Kung Pow! get in the Fist Sound Clip


The finest sound clips that quotes and movie lines sampled from Kung Pow: go into the Fist (2002). All the selected audio papers can be freely downloaded.

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Actors: Steve Oedekerk (The preferred One and most that the initial cast"s voices)

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