E-mail or E-fail? The dangers of sharing sensitive information

by stellar Library | Oct 9, 2019 | News


Why hitting ‘Send’ on that next email no as an easy as it seems.

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Email has actually fast end up being the go-to kind of communication in the digital era.

When you consider just how busy, and also increasingly different boards, trusts and enterprises room these days, it’s basic to check out why. In just seconds, you have the right to draft an email to a member of the board, staff, or client anywhere, at any time. Simply attach the relevant file, and hit “Send”.

It’s little wonder the average office worker sends over forty emails per day.

The problem? Emails and attachments sent in confidence might not in reality be confidential.

Email – A necessary evil in the beforehand digital era


In our earlier article on the potential reasons of a data breach, email topped the list. Yes a good reason because that that. The rate at which organization have had to change away from aging, analog processes has actually seen many adopt insecure digital options that is leaving their sensitive information fragile to an attack.

Avatier reported in 2017 the there were part 6,789 email data breaches internationally in the room of simply two years. Therefore while it might be easy to use, the simplicity that sending an e-mail belies a communication channel that’s inherently insecure.

Here’s why:

1. That insecure and also easily intercepted

Whether friend use private services or public, consumer-grade alternatives like Gmail, emails are delicate to a variety of attacks that placed what should be personal conversations at threat of being read by 3rd parties.

Certain viruses, DNS Redirects, and also Sniffers are just a couple of of the contemporary threats that can work their way through email servers and to your sensitive information. Often without you even knowing.

2. Encryption isn’t together secure together you can think

Most organisations depend on encryption as a fail-safe, together it’s meant to certain data is protected by scrambling an email’s materials so that only the receiver – v the requisite authentication – have the right to see, read, and download.

That said, most encryption options are far from foolproof. In fact, it’s the false sense of security that can regularly leave friend most delicate to attack. If her email solutions aren’t taking benefit of industry-leading encryption, yes no guarantee they i will not ~ be cracked.

3. There’s no accountancy for person error

When us talk about security, the focus is always squarely ~ above technology.

The fact is, it’s regularly the mundane issues that prove to be an organisation’s undoing. The strongest security protocols in the human being can’t account for user error or typos in the “To:” field, permit alone the 69% the employees who willingly bypass security and privacy policies to access work emails top top insecure personal devices.

4. Email servers are prone to attack

Emails pass through many hands on your journey from sender come recipient, frequently seeing castle stored in the cloud – or top top servers – i beg your pardon themselves are at risk of malicious attacks. In plenty of cases, attackers are able to get in, access this information, and then gain out long before anyone is conscious of the breach.

5. Records sit on the sender & recipient’s device

Once an email is sent, that stored in your Outbox and also the recipient’s Inbox. That’s why a laptop, mobile device, or just about any item of an innovation left on – and logged in – is straightforward ingress allude for partners, disgruntled co-workers, or also rogue employee who are looking to access this information.

The security stats? lock sobering…and so space the costs


If the over examples don’t have actually you reconsidering composing that next email, then these facts, stats, and also figures really should. Email’s convenience come at a cost. Fairly literally:

Did friend know?

Consider the autumn if the last email you sent out containing sensitive information, IP, or necessary data was accessed by one unauthorised third-party. What would the fallout be? Information can be leaked online, sent to the press, or also held for ransom.

There’s the legal and financial implications to consider, too. Brand-new and existing law such as GDPR is placing raised responsibility top top the shoulders of those who resolve sensitive data to keep it safe, through hefty fines currently being handed out for “…inadequate technical and organisational steps to for sure the defense of details security.

It’s time come say ‘sayonara’ to insecure communication channels

The revelation that email isn’t as secure together it seems often leads to among two outcomes: organisations one of two people shun digital solutions totally in favour that analog processes from ‘the an excellent old days’, or they shrug your shoulders and continue with service as usual as they lack a much more effective solution.

Early on, Stellar established this require to have the ability to securely accessibility and distribute sensitive info while circumventing emails entirely. In bespeak to perform so needs a an extensive business platform the doesn’t store documents on user tools but, instead, harnesses the strength of the cloud to administer anytime, anywhere access on any type of device.

When coupled v industry-leading encryption, the capability to revoke accessibility on the fly, and progressed proprietary encryption modern technology that ensures files are completely invisible without prior authorised access, boards as well as trusts and enterprises are ultimately able to share without the are afraid of ending up being yet an additional statistic in a long line of email breaches.

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