Following the latest Candy like Saga update, there shows up to be a new feature in the video game that is confound a lot of people; the Candy like Sugar Stars. Below, you’ll discover all the information you can ever need on the sweet brand-new sugary function that has actually recently been included to Candy to like Saga. We’ll let you know the price to what are Candy Crush Sugar Stars? and also we’ll tell girlfriend how come unlock them, too. Review on for all the details on the brand-new Candy Crush feature.

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What space Candy Crush street Stars?


As declared above, sugar Stars room a new addition come Candy like Saga. Seemingly, the new feature was presented as component of the game’s recent update. That appears, however, that the street Stars function has no gone live for everyone together of writing. It looks together though King is experimentation the brand-new feature before making the live for everyone (as the writing).

What room the sugar Stars in Candy like Saga? The new Candy like Sugar Stars feature is merely a new kind of mastery tier. You will get Sugar Stars as soon as you exceed the standard 3 Stars limit on a level.

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Aside native a visual reminder on the game’s map that you’ve truly mastered a level, however, there doesn’t show up to be any gameplay benefit to earning street Stars. You i will not ~ get any type of Sugar Stars till you win level 50, however. Once you do, street Stars should be fairly simple to unlock.

After you finish level 50, you have the right to earn street Stars on any type of level. Come earn part Sugar Stars, girlfriend will should surpass the traditional three-star Meter.

Essentially, when playing a level, the Star Meter will certainly fill in towards three Stars together per usual. As soon as you with the 3rd Star, the Meter will change. It have to now display you a brand-new points goal. If you with the new points goal (or surpass it), girlfriend will receive the brand new Candy crush Sugar Stars.

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Remember, sugar Stars don’t appear to unlock something special, instead they act together a handy visual reminder to her Candy crush Saga mastery.