These room the most typical start malfunctions you"ll experience as soon as flying generator powered airplanes.

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1) warm Start

If the engine experience unusual difficulty accelerating throughout start, a warm start may occur. Over there won"t be sufficient airflow to cool the initial burning of fuel within the engine. Agree temperature and time borders are published within individual aircraft flight manuals to avoid engine damage.

2) No Starter Cutout

According to the FAA, a no starter cutout problem exists once the start selector continues to be in the start place or the engine begin valve is open once commanded closed. Due to the fact that the starter is intended just to run at low speeds because that a few minutes at a time, the starter might fail totally (burst) and cause further engine damages if the starter go not cut out.

3) Tailpipe Fire

One of the many alarming events for passengers, trip attendants, floor personnel and also even air traffic regulate (ATC) come witness is a tailpipe fire. According to the FAA, fuel might puddle in the turbine casings and exhaust during start-up or shutdown, and then ignite. This can result in a highly-visible jet of flame out of the ago of the engine, which may be tens of feet long.

There might be no point out of one anomaly to the flight crew until the cabin crew, soil crew, or regulate tower draws fist to the problem. They are most likely to describe it together an "Engine Fire," however a tailpipe fire will certainly NOT an outcome in a fire warning top top the trip deck.

4) No Light-Off

A no light-off is just what you"d think. When fuel flow is introduced and also engine light-off has not arisen in a proper timeframe, fuel may start building increase in the engine. If light-off go occur, this could result in a damaging fire or warm start.

5) N2 Stagnation (Hung Start)

A hung begin occurs once the engine lights turn off normally however doesn"t accelerate to idle RPM. This is generally the result of poor power come the engine native the starter.

Each faulty begin is thought about an emergency and usually requires instant shutdown of the engine. Describe your individual aircraft trip manual for specific procedures.

Jet engines are usually a lot easier to begin than a prop. and also the procedure is pretty simple. The comes down to lots of air under pressure, some fuel, and also boom, you"re lit. The tough part is getting sufficient compressed air. Click here to learn more.

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