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As the season move forward, the waiver wire choices only obtain thinner and also thinner for fantasy soccer owners. Right now is a an essential time come add totally free agents and waiver pickups prior to early-season sleepers and also breakouts turn into mainstays on other teams" rosters. There are still some males worth watching, as target shares and also running ago position battles are still pushing forward. Our waiver wire watchlist because that Week 4 will help you identify those males before main 3 also starts. Sam Darnold, Teddy Bridgewater, Alexander Mattison, and also Austin Hooper are some of the hottest surname right now who space widely available. If Bridgewater and Darnold proceed playing in ~ high levels, Mattison bring away over for an injures Dalvin Cook, or Hooper keeps top the Browns in targets, climate these guys might be scooped up in a hurry.

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Some leagues don"t have sufficient roster clues to have to take benefit of "planning ahead," however for those in leagues that do (or if you have players on IR or useless football player you want to cut), our week-ahead watchlist will be valuable every week. Grabbing a player or two before the weekend once they"re still totally free agents can pay off huge time if those football player have an excellent games. Her spot in the waiver bespeak is valuable, and also you want to save it as long as possible. At the really least, it"s an excellent to have actually a list of name of football player to clock on Sunday for this reason you deserve to monitor snap share and also targets/touches, and also it"s constantly smart to insurance claim streamers in ~ positions prefer TE or D/ST before there"s competition for them.

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Fantasy football Waiver cable Watchlist

Reminder: This perform was placed together in the lead-in come Week 3, looking forward to the football player who can be famous waiver-wire targets front of mainly 4. If you have actually a roster spot to play with, these are free-agent options you might grab beforehand to beat the waiver buzz.

All these players are listed below 50-percent ownership on Yahoo unless otherwise specified. 

WEEK 3 typical RANKINGS:Quarterback | Running earlier | wide receiver | Tight end | D/ST | Kicker

Week 4 Waiver cable Watchlist: Quarterback

Jameis Winston, Saints (52)

Winston had a disastrous performance in main 2 in ~ Carolina, yet it"s too beforehand to fully give up on him. Carolina evidently has a top-notch defense, and also the Saints" skill players will at some point get healthy. Castle play new England in week 3, so we"re no advising friend to roll him out there, but he has actually a day with the Giants in mainly 4, complied with by Washington, Seattle, Tampa, Atlanta, and Tennessee -- every statistically heavy matchups. 

Derek Carr, Raiders (45)

What Carr has done so far this season is seemingly walk underappreciated. He"s the No. 9 fantasy QB (24.6 fantasy points every game) and leads the organization in happen yards (817). To do this an ext impressive, he"s excellent this versus the Ravens and Steelers. If the Ravens pass defense doesn"t look at all that impressive, isn"t it feasible they"ve simply played 2 elite offenses in Kansas City and also Las Vegas? Carr has more upside than you think going forward, and also that includes Week 4 against the Chargers.

Rookies Trey Lance, 49ers (36) and also Zach Wilson, jets (12)

Mac Jones is off this list because that now, together it"s evident he"s strictly walking to be a video game manager relocating forward. Justin areas is currently be too greatly owned ~ being called the bears starter (at the very least for one week).

However, Lance proceeds to autumn in ownership as people grow impatient with him no being the starter for mountain Francisco yet. Because that those who deserve to afford the roster spots, he"s still precious the stash. Simply imagine having actually a dual-threat quarterback in the Kyle Shanahan offense as soon as the fantasy playoffs roll around. Wilson looked awful against new England, throwing 4 interceptions come zero touchdowns. Didn"t we intend that, though? Still, the Jets will be playing from behind a lot of this year, and also a matchup v the Titans come in main 4, who will be together generous as any kind of pass defense in the NFL this year. Plus, Corey Davis "revenge game." 

Daniel Jones, Giants (36)

Jones has actually averaged 24.5 FPPG therefore far, and it"s tough to think he"s just 36-percent own heading into a main 3 matchup v Atlanta. With his rushing floor, he can turn the end to be matchup proof, so even a week 4 day with the Saints isn"t also intimidating. If Saquon Barkley gets healthy, possibly the Giants will rotate down the dial top top Jones rushing attempts, yet he"s always going to be a hazard to scramble. He"s quiet the QB5 in fantasy up to this point.

Teddy Bridgewater, Broncos (26)

There appears to be some lag here with Bridgewater. The hasn"t been the classic "dink-and-dunk" quarterback that we commonly associate the with. In fact, he"s 5th in the organization with 701 air yards with two weeks. The plays the jets in mainly 3, for this reason it"s a surprised he"s still easily accessible in many leagues. Moving forward, he plays the Ravens, Steelers, Raiders, and also Browns. These aren"t the sexiest the matchups, yet his production has actually been an excellent enough so far that that wouldn"t be all the surprising if the still has actually solid gamings when the competition picks up.

Sam Darnold, Panthers (19)

Don"t shoot the messenger, but Darnold has actually looked good. It deserve to be monster to adjust to, yet he"s been a top-15 fantasy quarterback through Weeks 1 and also 2. You can be reasoning this is just because of having weak opponents thus far, and also you might be right. However, the weak adversaries are walk to store coming. After acquisition on Houston in main 3, he"ll confront Dallas, Philadelphia, Minnesota, brand-new York (Giants), and also Atlanta. It"s not till after the stretch of games that he"ll pat a defense we understand is great (New England).

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Week 4 Waiver cable Watchlist: RB

Michael Carter (54); Tevin Coleman (14); Ty Johnson (9), Jets

Carter rather impressed in week 3 vs. Brand-new England, wracking up 88 yards ~ above 13 touches. Versus a solid defense, 6.7 yards/touch is more than you deserve to ask for. Go this median he"ll different himself indigenous Johnson and Coleman moving forward? we don"t know, however it"s not out the the question. The jet play Tennessee and Atlanta in mainly 4 and 5, so we can have something here with Carter. Favor usual, save an eye top top all three of these RBs, as any could lead the team in dead in a given week. Coleman was that male in main 1; Johnson gained the nod through one end Carter in main 2.

James White, Patriots (54)

James White is a perfect flex choice in PPR leagues. He"s caught 12 passes on 13 targets hence far and is Mac Jones" defense blanket, just like he to be for Tom Brady. Satelite backs are regularly matchup-proof, together they get easy yards ~ above dump-downs.

Zack Moss, Bills (52)

Moss acquired 10 touches in mainly 3, yet he only produced 34 yards. However, the did score 2 touchdowns in the 4th quarter. He"s to be a disappointed thus much this year, however keep an eye top top him. His usage could increase moving forward, back that"s not a guarantee. Devin Singletary has actually been the clear early-game lead earlier thus far.

David Johnson (45); Phillip Lindsay (37), Texans

Nothing much has readjusted with Johnson and Lindsay, however the Texans space going to continue to use them together with Mark Ingram. This will certainly be a liquid situation, therefore they"ll likely proceed to be on ours watchlist, especially with Ingram gift a constant injury risk.

Top RB Handcuffs: Alexander Mattison, Vikings (52); JD McKissic, Washington (37); Kenny Gainwell, Eagles (33); Tony Jones Jr., Saints (19); Darrel Williams, Chiefs (10); Jacques Patrick, 49ers (5) 

Using a roster spot on handcuff RBs is never ever sexy, however it can surely salary off. Males like McKissic, Gainwell, Jones, and also Williams have some independent value, together they obtain receiving job-related or carries come supplement your team"s beginning RB. Mattison doesn"t get sufficient work to have actually standalone value, yet Dalvin chef is already dealing through an ankle injury, and the Vikings have made it clear they aren"t cutting earlier Cook"s workload, therefore the potential for more injury is there. Jacques Patrick is just on the list because he"s a 49er running back. Elijah Mitchell (shoulder) and also Trey Sermon (concussion) room questionable this week, and also they currently have an RRBC approach in san Francisco. We lost Tony Pollard on our list due to the fact that he is now 72-percent owned. Any of this guys can shoot up soon, too.

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Week 4 Waiver wire Watchlist: WR

Cole Beasley (51); Emmanuel Sanders, bills (23)

The Bills" passing offense hasn"t looked good thus far, yet Beasley and also Sanders have attracted 17 and 14 targets, respectively. If the offense picks up, one of two people of this guys could have large weeks any kind of given Sunday.

Christian Kirk, Cardinals (52)

There is plenty of job-related to go about in the Cardinals offense, also when they blow people out prefer in week 1 vs. Tennessee. DeAndre Hopkins and Rondale Moore are greatly owned, and also Kirk will be, too, if he has a nice power at Jacksonville. 

Nelson Agholor, Patriots (48)

Agholor has 10 targets over the very first two weeks and is the main deep danger for Mac Jones. He encounters a challenging matchup in week 4 vs. Tampa Bay, however he"s worth surveillance to check out if new England picks up its pass volume against much better teams.

Henry Ruggs (46); Hunter Renfrow (9), Raiders

Derek Carr leader the organization in passing yards, therefore naturally, these guys are precious watching. Darren Waller obviously constrain targets, yet someone else has to be involved, too. Renfrow and also Ruggs are second and 3rd on the team in targets, v 16 and 12, respectively. Ruggs had actually a breakout performance through five captures for 113 yards and a touchdown against the Steelers, for this reason we"ll see if the can carry the momentum. Renfrow is a high-floor, low-ceiling guy that has actually a similar usage that a satellite back.

Darnell Mooney, bears (45)

Mooney is tied because that the team command in targets (15) with Allen Robinson, so he"s an attractive waiver or free-agent target. We don"t recognize if Justin fields is walking to be good, yet we need to think Mooney"s upside is elevated with the QB change. If the flourishes in main 3 through Fields, he"ll be one of the hottest names on the waiver wire heading right into Week 4. 

Marquez Callaway, Saints (45)

Callaway has been disappointing thus far, however in mainly 1, the Saints attempted simply 20 passes, and in week 2, their entire offense acquired shut down, consisting of Alvin Kamara. His ownership will most likely drop ~ this week, too, together they pat on the roadway at new England. That said, this offense need to eventually discover its footing, and also the schedule moving forward shouldn"t be so tough. That still stays as the No. 1 WR here.

Jalen Reagor (24); Quez Watkins (2), Eagles

Reagor and Watkins might see a spike in property after castle play Dallas ~ above Monday Night Football, however they"re still likely to it is in attainable heading into Week 4. Lock have challenging matchups past this mainly (Panthers and also Buccaneers), however someone has to emerge as the No. 2 WR for Jalen Hurts. Reagor is much more attractive in PPR, while Watkins is more than likely a pure standard-league watchlist candidate.

Tim Patrick, Broncos (23)

Patrick has actually scored 2 touchdowns in two weeks, and Jerry Jeudy (ankle) will be out for at the very least another couple of games. Teddy Bridgewater has actually been money so far this year, for this reason Patrick has flex appeal. He"ll likely be behind Courtland Sutton and also Noah Fant in targets, yet he"s clear no stranger to the end zone.

Zach Pascal, Colts (22)

Pascal has actually three receiving touchdowns already this year, and also it"s like no one cares. Yes, the Colts" offense can be ugly in ~ times, yet in standard leagues, Pascal has been a nice fantasy asset for this reason far. Carson Wentz"s injury issues certainly muddy the waters for him, though.

Quintez Cephus, Lions (13)

Cephus has attracted 13 targets with Week 2, trailing just D"Andre Swift and T.J. Hockenson for the team lead. He"s likewise scored 2 touchdowns and put increase 75 yards. Through Tyrell Williams (concussion) for at least the next three games, Cephus will continue to be the No. 1 WR for Detroit. Top top paper, the Lions offense doesn"t look at good, but they"ve been competitive and they"ll it is in in garbage time a lot. 

Possible IR Steals: Curtis Samuel, Washington (34) T.Y. Hilton, Colts (18); Rashod Bateman, Ravens (14); Tre"Quan Smith, Saints (3)

All of these men are eligible to return in mainly 4, and also they"re highly easily accessible in a many leagues. Samuel can easily step in together the No. 2 in Washington and also has the many upside of anyone on this list. Hilton and Smith can easily stake case in their team"s No. 1 WR spot, as there aren"t many capable WRs roughly them. Bateman is interesting. The Ravens" passing attack looks much far better this year, and also besides Marquise Brown, castle haven"t had actually a most stellar separation, personal, instance performances. Bateman to be a first-rounder for a reason -- the talent is there.

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Week 4 Waiver wire Watchlist: TE

Austin Hooper (49); David Njoku (7), Browns

The Browns" passing attack isn"t sexy, but one or both of these guys are going to have to step up in the lack of Jarvis Landry (knee), who is the end for at the very least three weeks. Hooper and also Njoku actually lead the team in targets v eight apiece. Through Odell Beckham easing earlier into football ~ an ACL tear, either could reasonably be the No. 1 alternative in the passing game for at the very least a quick time. They"ll confront the Vikings, Chargers, Cardinals, and also Broncos over the next four weeks after your Week 3 matchup through Chicago.

Jared Cook, Chargers (47)

With no various other WR stepping up behind Keenan Allen and Mike Williams because that LA, chef has checked out the third-most targets native Justin Herbert. He has actually 13 targets through two main -- well above the mean tight end this season. He also had two touchdowns called ago last week due to penalty, so he"s also a priority in the red zone. He"s not just a streamer candidate, yet a season-long option moving forward.

Cole Kmet, bear (36)

Similar to Mooney, Kmet"s upside looks come be raised as Justin areas takes over the beginning job for the Bears. He"ll play the Lions, Raiders, and also Packers in weeks 4-6, for this reason he"s one attractive option to stream. If he plays fine enough, the may even be a season-long answer at a weak place in fantasy.

Pat Freiermuth, Steelers (7)

We"re going out on a body here, however it can be time because that Freiermuth to an episode and take over the starting tight end function in Pittsburgh. Mainly 4 would certainly be a good place come start, as the Packers have given up three touchdowns to tight ends end the very first two main of the season and figure to acquire roasted by George Kittle this week.

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Week 4 defense streamers and also sleepers

New olions Saints vs. Giants (49)

We"ll see if the Saints" defense bounces earlier after gift shredded by Carolina, yet we favor their possibilities to harass Daniel Jones in week 4.