Four year ago, 49 individuals—the bulk young, LGBTQ, hispanics and/or Black—lost your lives during a mass shooting in ~ Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.

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This past week, the university community came together at"s fifth Annual Pulse Nightclub Vigil to respect the victims and heal native the collective trauma led to by this dislike crime.

“Until the work that individuals are no longer discriminated for their sexual identity, sex identity, and also or the color of their skin, ns encourage girlfriend to proceed to select love end hate, tranquility over violence, and kindness over indifference,” claimed Elizabeth Bejar, senior vice president for academic and student Affairs.

MJ and also Fred Wright, the parents of Jerry Wright, were amongst the guest speaker of the digital event. Jerry bright "12 was among the 49 Pulse victims and also an alumnus. He graduated from with a bachelor"s from the hospitality administration program in 2012.

Jerry’s hopes, his future, his life, and that the 48 others pertained to an finish on June 12, 2016.

“We have to be the voices that they no much longer have. We have to be your legacy. We have actually to bring light and also love and also kindness to erase the dark, evil, dislike that took them indigenous us,” claimed MJ Wright. 

Alongside his wife, Fred light urged the digital audience to assist “make this human being a far better place with more love and also compassion, more willingness come help, to adopt the mankind we all share with less intolerance, divisions and hate.” 

During the emotionally vigil, Counseling & emotional Services, healthy Living Program, and also the Women’s Center offered tips ~ above healing and also promoting quality while preserving social distancing. 

“We deserve to take this tragedy and also turn it into acts of love and also kindness that we spread much and large from here,” stated Erica Friedman, associate director, LGBTQA Initiatives.

5 methods to present love, kindness and also support

Create Pride inspired masks for yourselves and othersDonate non-perishables and other essentials to your regional LGBTQA+ organizationsDrop off a meal to loved ones from your favorite LGBTQA+ familiar restaurant or barEducate you yourself on what it method to it is in an ally/accomplicePost positive LGBTQA+ and also stories on society media

Click below for extr details on exactly how you to encourage love and kindness.

To clock the Pulse Nightclub Vigil in the entirety, click here.

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To learn an ext about LGBTQ advocacy programs and also resources accessible at, reach the end to LGBTQA Initiatives.