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This building has non-hostile robots. The structure has a huge collapsed floor area for this reason let"s start with the ground level. To the southwest, you"ll discover the cashier through an progressed door. There room no significant loot inside. Over that room is an expert security door that has actually a mini-nuke inside an open up safe, stealth boy on the shelf, and stacks of pre-war money.


The open up room through the defense door to the NW has a red stems and wall safe. You have to use the adjacent terminal to unlock it.

On the bottom floor, there"s a armor workbench come the NW and also a locked door that needs a terminal come open. Inside, you"ll find an issue of total Hack beside the terminal. There"s additionally an skilled floor for sure in the edge of this room. In this terminal, if friend activate Demo Mode, the inactive robots will attack you. Damage them come get more loot.
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