sometimes ns would get the feeling prefer i've peed my pants or like liquid come out of mine vagina the end of nowhere and i can feel that dripping out and also sometimes it would get my panties wet and also leave a wet stain. The a clean and really watery liquid literally prefer water. This wake up at arbitrarily times, like as soon as i wake up or simply randomly during the day and im not specifically aroused as soon as it happens. Ns pretty certain its not pee. Go anyone know whats the reason of this? is this normal? im two decades old and im simply wondering if someone could experience the very same thing? any aid will be significantly appreciated!


very regular for anyone through a vagina! it’s discharge. It’s her vaginas method of clean itself. It way you’re healthy! unless it is a funny smell or color. But you say clean which is normal. Occasionally it’s a little creamy shade or sort of white too. Ns was told around my duration but nobody called me about discharge and also i assumed something was wrong v me! If the bothers you, you deserve to wear a panty liner. Her gyno can far better explain this, but don’t concern it’s typical :)

Absolutely and good explanation.

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To add something possibly track that in a duration app. Most often you have the right to track that under discharge and probably over there is a correlation v your cycle.

Thank you for the reply!! :) ns was just worried because at time it look at thicker choose a typical discharge however sometimes its at sight watery i beg your pardon confuses me! hahahahah

could typical you’re ovulating :) her discharge alters consistency throughout the month. Roughly the time you ovulate it deserve to be prefer water or egg white consistency and also stretchy. Method your human body is working an excellent and to refrain from sex uneven you’re trying come conceive! haha. Ns 23 and also track mine cycle and it’s to be super helpful for me!

This! your body makes much more cervical mucus once you room ovulating so it can certainly be dripping at the point. If you track her cycle you have the right to start put on panty liners once you are around to ovulate to prevent the wetness if friend want.

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I don’t understand your life that course, yet if you begin tracking her cycle currently it will certainly make it less complicated to gain pregnant if you ever before want to. Take it it native someone who didn’t care and also realized I had actually a bunch the health difficulties when I started tracking. Also if you nothing want youngsters it’s a an excellent way to do sure whatever is a-okay.

thank you for clearing the up!! :) i was worried and i believed that something so watery couldn't it is in discharge and i googled it and articles around menopause came out and i was worried HAHAH so glad to hear that its normal!

That was common for me when I to be younger. Now I just have thicker discharge but I remember once it was as with water and also it made me so mad lol ns was an altering my underwear choose 3 time a day. Ns tried panty liners but they do me sweat and also then stink down there

omg yes! its kinda stroked nerves at times especially when the happens once ur out and cant carry out anything around it hahahahh