Blake Holsey High - just another boarding school, or so ns thought. There is something weird going on at Blake Holsey High (aka black Hole High); miscellaneous paranormal. As soon as Josie Trent is sent to the exclusive prep school, she comes face-to-face with things that cannot be explained. Yet with the help of her friends and one science teacher, possibly surviving institution won't be the hard.

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StarringEmma Taylor-Isherwood, Shadia Simmons, Michael SeaterSubtitlesEnglish Audio languagesEnglish


Marshall mysteriously i do not care invisible when he gets angry. He uses his brand-new ability to monitor Vaughn. Vaughn has actually been inquiry by his father Victor come steal Josie's newspaper to find out what she knows around black holes.


After Lucas is bitten by a mayfly nymph, he it s okay his wish and also becomes an adult. However, due to the quick lifespan the the mayfly, the keeps getting older and also eventually turns into an 80-year-old man.
Josie and Vaughn space sent ago in time come 1977. While there, they accidentally interfere with Vaughn's parents' very first meeting, producing an alternative timeline in which that was never born.
Lucas finds a radio receiver i m sorry is picking up broadcasts native the future. The puts every one of his friendships at risk when he provides the radio to win a bet. A much more serious problem arises when another future broadcast reveals that Blake Holsey High will be degenerated at 5 o'clock.
Lucas find a radio receiver i beg your pardon is picking up broadcasts native the future. That puts all of his friendships in ~ risk once he provides the radio to win a bet. A an ext serious problem arises when one more future transfer reveals that Blake Holsey High will be broke down at 5 o'clock.
When Victor asks Vaughn come spy on the scientific research Club, Vaughn's emotions manifest themselves in a collection of localised storms, which have the right to only be resolved as soon as he releases all the press inside the by defying his father, and also telling the truth about Josie's steal journal.
Professor Z narrowly escapes gift sucked into the black color hole, but loses a huge part of his storage in the process. The science Club must restore his memory prior to his Teacher Review, i beg your pardon if he falls short can lead as much as his termination.
Odd magnetic field effects reason Josie and Vaughn to shed their means in the forest while trying to find the Pearadyne Labs building. As principal Durst and the rest of the scientific research Club find for the two lacking students, Josie's require to find the lab reasons Vaughn come sprain his ankle.

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Josie surprises anyone by completing her robot structure project. However, when Josie provides circuit boards indigenous Pearadyne, the robot take away on Josie's personality and behaves chaotically throughout an inspection by Pearadyne Labs.
Josie laments her quick height, however is then shrunk to a much smaller size. She offers an answer machine message to stop Victor from selling Pearadyne Labs, and also learns that a weird operation taking place on the school, spanned up by "Blake Holsey High's an initial compulsory pizza and movie night."
DirectorsJeff KingNetworkEntertainment OneAmazon Maturity Rating7+ larger Kids. Find out moreSupporting actorsNoah Reid