listed cheating NFL franchise, the brand-new England Patriots, cheated again to success the Super bowl in the rigged NFL. Ns am sure of this since the internet does no lie. There space three things that show beyond a zero of a doubt the it was not an accident or too much organizational competence the won the day because that the Pats. Also Joel Embiid agrees, and also he even gives supplemental information to explain questionable pat calling by Atlanta.

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Wow I"m sorry however this is rigged.... Atlanta didn"t burn the clock down, didn"t operation the sphere at all. #Rigged

— Joel Embiid (

The organization is rigged so the glamour franchise can again be atop the mountain. Below is why.

The Donald trump factor.

The president of the United states won the 2016 election with odds stacked versus him. There is proof of Russian joining in the proceedings, and we are conscious that Tom Brady and also Donald Trump space friends. He claimed this about Trump in 2015.

"Donald is a an excellent friend of mine," claimed Brady, whom Trump has described in the past as "a complete winner." "I have known him because that a lengthy time. I support all my friends. The is what I need to say. He’s a good friend of mine."

And over there is, that course, the notorious shot the the make America an excellent Again hat behind the in the locker taken earlier in 2015.

Trump is, amongst other things, the star of one orchestrated fact TV collection as well as someone who has actually participated in scripted experienced wrestling events.

Trump additionally left his Super key party quickly after halftime when the video game was still really much in doubt. Yet if he knew the an outcome perhaps there was no factor to stick roughly for proceedings.

If the election can be somehow rigged, then certainly the biggest sporting occasion in the western hemisphere could be, together well.

Counterpoint: He’s gained a nation to run and probably required to obtain some sleep.

The on-screen graphic.

Wake increase sheeple, Fox knew the an outcome all along and also just placed it on the display early.

New England Patriots announced winners before they actually scored the touch down !!! #MUSTWATCH the #NFL is rigged #SHARE #SHARE #SHARE

Posted by Cristian Jacobs top top 5hb Februari 2017

Counterpoint: The ide of overtime can be kinda confusing, especially due to the fact that the college game does the extra period demonstrably differently.

The NFL revamped that overtime rules in the 2010 season. Unequal the vault sudden-death system, both teams have actually a possibility of obtaining at the very least one possession. If the team the wins the coin toss falls short to score a touchdown, the other team will acquire the ball and play continues.

The game was broadcast by Fox, and also as we acquired into the complimentary football conference they make the efforts to clear the confusion by plainly explaining what would occur if the Patriots marched the sphere down the ar into the end zone ~ above the very first drive.

The spot.

The item de resistance for this rigged event. James White scored the game’s winning touchdown. However just look in ~ White’s knee here, i m sorry the refs clearly missed. This is the 2nd spot that has been highly debated in football this year. Coincidentally, Michigan male Tom Brady comes out on the winning next of this spot.

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The Super bowl was rigged Tom Brady is Donald Trump favourite QB Atlanta really should have actually Won on me

— Ketrick Burkhalter (
kburkhalter_) February 6, 2017

Ima leaving this right here though , his knee was down !!

— eazytaa (
TaahirThe_Great) February 6, 2017

I tried come tell y"all but the Super key is rigged similar to the Presidential Elections!

Posted by Antonio Wilson on Monday, February 6, 2017

Counterpoint: pay no mind to the fact that the thing in the circle is in reality White’s Bicep and not the sphere breaking the aircraft (which it did). The defender’s best leg is also shielding the ball, and also because it was referred to as a touchdown top top the field at the very least this couldn’t have actually been overturned.

Patriots space #SB51 Champions thanks to James White"s game winning TD in OT!! #SuperBowl #Patriots