Are friend or a loved one needing to receive irreversible acute care treatment for problems such as respiratory failure, brain injury or one amputation? If so, PAM health and wellness Warm Springs Rehabilitation Hospital of thousands Oaks is happy to aid you navigate recovery and get back to feeling your best.Our acute care facility is recognized throughout Texas as the leader in giving all-inclusive rehabilitation services.

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The PAM wellness Warm Springs Veterans center for Excellence proudly offer the United says Department that Veterans Affairs and also the department of Defense yet is no affiliated with any kind of government entity.

Why choose PAM Health?

PAM health Warm Springs Rehabilitation Hospital of thousand Oaks is a PAM health Specialty Hospital — a contemporary treatment facility offering permanent inpatient acute care. Ours acute treatment facility is a license is granted rehabilitation hospital v the greatest accreditation level from the joint Commission.

At PAM health Warm Springs Rehabilitation Hospital of thousand Oaks, we serve a wide variety of niche locations while providing the latest medical developments to enhance the care of all who come to us.

PAM Healthis identified to develop upon its history as a respect provider of high quality health treatment recovery solutions for people with disabilities, illnesses and injuries.We aid our patients achieve an optimal top quality of life by:

Providing quality treatment for medically complicated long-term acute care hospital and also rehabilitation patients.Creating individualized patient treatment plans and individualized treatment including speech therapy, physics therapy, work therapy, and specialty nurses and physicians.Focusing on irreversible success and quality of life.Returning patient to their dwellings while preventing readmissions.Providing compassionate, expert care during the rehabilitation process.Preventing disabilities through education and research.

Who we Serve

Ourcompassionate professionalshave put tremendous effort into obtaining disease-specific certifications, consisting of wound treatment accreditation, which enables us come cater come the requirements of plenty of different patients. PAM health Warm Springs Rehabilitation Hospital of thousands Oaks is further certified because that stroke and also traumatic mind injury.

The PAM health and wellness Warm Springs Veterans facility of Excellence, or VCE, is proud to fulfill the rehabilitation demands of veterans, active-duty military and also their family members members.

Our specialty solutions include:

Wounded Warrior Mild/Moderate brain Injury ProgramSpasticity ManagementProsthetic TrainingBrain Injury ProgramVeterans' center of ExcellenceWound CareStroke ProgramBody Weight supported Gait and Walk-Aid

Inpatient Acute treatment Hospital in thousand Oaks: What to Expect

A PAM Healthpatient coordinator will job-related with you to assess her needs. Us will assist coordinate her acute care discharge and also ultimately certain a smooth change to post-acute care.If we feel you would benefit from ours outpatient solutions in Texas, we will certainly recommend a program to help you return to your previous quality of life.

Due to our broad variety of equipment accessible for therapy and caring, friendly staff, many people rely on our support and expertise to gain back optimal use in their lives.

Contact Our thousands Oaks Inpatient Rehab Hospital Today

We welcome you to this digital tour of our rehabilitation hospital in thousands Oaks, Texas, and invite you to visit and also view the basic with among our committed staff.

To schedule a personal tour or for more information, call (210) 581-5300 today.

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The button below displays our traditional hospital pricing and also the prices paid by plenty of insurance companies. It also enables you come comparison-shop amongst hospitals in this community for selected services. These prices execute not show what you might be supposed to pay after insurance. For further information concerning your insurance allowance coverage, please call our Admissions department at 210-592-5457 or her employer’s benefits Department.

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