Zero was Corgan’s answer to the public’s perception of him as a Rock God and, simultaneously, a means to express his problem of apathy. He expresses his reluctance to assume… Read More 

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My reflection, dirty mirrorThere's no connection to myselfI'm your lover, I'm your zeroI'm the face in your dreams of glassSo conserve your prayersFor as soon as we're really gonna require 'emThrow out your cares and also flyWanna go for a ride?She's the one for meShe's all I really require (oh yeah)She's the one for meEmptiness is lonelinessAnd loneliness is cleanlinessAnd cleanliness is godlinessAnd God is empty simply like meIntoxicated with the madnessI'm in love with my sadnessBullshit fakers, enchanted kingdomsThe fashion victims chew their charcoal teethI never before let on that I was on a sinking shipI never before let on that I was down
You blame yourselfFor what you can't ignoreYou blame yourself for wanting moreShe's the one for meShe's all I really need, Oh YeahShe's the one for meShe's my one and also only
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Zero was Corgan’s answer to the public’s perception of him as a Rock God and, concurrently, a method to express his condition of apathy. He expresses his reluctance to assume that role as he believes that such an indulgence deserve to just cause emptiness.

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“Zero” ended up being more than just a song to Billy Corgan; it came to be his alter-ego.

Zero is invincible. After all, it is nothing to begin through. He clears his ego out of the tumultuous music scene he discovered himself subunified in.

The song shares its namesake via Billy’s iconic “ZERO” shirt. Billy wore a Superman/Superslut long-sleeve tee for a lot of the Siamese Dream tour, in impact mocking himself: though the civilization experienced him as a rock idol and a super hero, he observed it as an archetypal cliche. His solution was to declare to the public that he was worth nopoint.

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It is to say that ‘I’m not your god…

I’m your Zero .


Reflections of this character deserve to be checked out in fan art from across the world


Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (Vinyl) (1995)
The Smashing Pumpkins
Written By
Billy Corgan
Recording Assisted By
Dave Kresl & Claudine Pontier
Recording By
Chris Shepard, Alan Moulder, Barry Goldberg, James Iha & Billy Corgan
Mixing Assistant
Barry Goldberg
Flood, Alan Moulder & Billy Corgan
Mastered by
Howie Weinberg
Billy Corgan
Jimmy Chamberlin
D’arcy Wretzky
James Iha & Billy Corgan
Release Date
April 23, 1996
Sampled In
Opening Titles (Extended Mix Warp VS Zero Remix) by Aunty Donna
Cover By
Zero by Evanescence, Zero by Evergreen Terrace, Zero by Vanna, Zero by 32 Leaves, Zero by Avernal & Zero by Rabbit Junk
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