Are you worn down of always going earlier and forth v coworkers just to describe something?

Is context acquiring lost as soon as you send that email or Slack message?

What if there to be a kind of interaction that might be used to present steps in a process, show a concept, sell a fast reply come a message, and also more, every without a wall of text?

Enter the GIF!

There’s no doubt around it. GIFs (pronounced “gif” or “jif”) are all over these days.

There are GIF keyboards, GIF integrations, GIF websites, and also even easy methods to quickly produce GIFs. Once left in the dustbin of the web past, GIFs seem come be having actually an eternal moment, and also you might want to seriously consider adding them come your interactions workflow.

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Why GIF?

Why, when so many technologies climb to popularity only to be unexpectedly discarded, walk a 29-year-old media format have such remaining power? Because, when our human being has continually changed, the unique elements that define the GIF layout have continued to do it a useful and relevant method to interact feelings, ideas, and information. Take into consideration how the creation, distribution, and also consumption of content have developed from static.

Here are the optimal reasons why GIFs remain such a an effective format in today’s world:


No audio hassle.No element ratio concerns.


Goes where photos go.No hosting hassle.Relatively lightweight.Device agnostic.


Motion attracts attention.Easy – the plays automatically.It no use lot mobile data.No speaker needed.You have the right to watch them silently on a mobile machine in public.

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Are GIFs really work-appropriate?

We all recognize that hilarious GIFs are good for making united state laugh, but did you likewise know that using GIFs have the right to really assist you the end at work? over there are plenty of uses for this form of communication.

Many human being remember when:

Email was brought into the rectal (late 1990s)Adding a basic smiley emoticon