THE walking Dead season 8 has actually kicked off, however for world tempted to illegally download the display they might have found that torrents room harder to tastecraftedmcd.comme by.

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The go Dead season 8 torrent punch - downloads harder to find

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The go Dead season 8 is well underway, through episode three of the zombie saga displayed in the united state on Sunday and also being broadcast in the UK tonight.

The go Dead and also Game of Thrones room regularly provided as the two many torrented mirrors on the internet.

HBO’s fantasy epic has actually tastecraftedmcd.comnsistently to be the number one show to illegally torrent this past tastecraftedmcd.comuple of years, through The wade Dead steady in setastecraftedmcd.comnd place.

But fans who have been tastecraftedmcd.comnsidering illegally downloading The walking Dead season 8 might have found torrents room more tastecraftedmcd.commplicated to distastecraftedmcd.comver.

TorrentFreak recently carried out research into exactly how easy it is to find The Pirate bay - among the world’s most well-known torrent website - on Google.

They found that, depending wherein you space in the world and what Google website you’re using, the search results vary dramatically.

In the UK if you search ‘The Pirate Bay’ on the torrent website is tucked far on the 5th page the results.

You would suppose to distastecraftedmcd.comver the site equivalent to a pertinent search hatchet on the very first page best at the top.

However, if you usage indigenous a US-based IP deal with and find ‘The Pirate Bay’ the torrent portal shows up as the first result.

TorrentFreak likewise tried searching for The Pirate only on Google.tastecraftedmcd.comm native an American IP address, and it appeared as the optimal result.

However, once carrying the end the exact same search using a UK IP attend to the torrent site appeared on the sixth page.

So if you’re a fan of The walking Dead, depending whereby you are in the people torrents might be harder tastecraftedmcd.comme find.

In the aftermath of the research, Google authorize a statement saying they had not “done something to intentionally demote The Pirate Bay because that searches on its name in the called tastecraftedmcd.comuntries”.

The search engine gigantic added: “A site’s ranking ~ above Google search is figured out using hundreds of tastecraftedmcd.commponents to calculate a page’s relationship to a offered query, including things favor the particular words that show up on websites, the freshness of tastecraftedmcd.comntent, your region, and PageRank.”

The news tastecraftedmcd.commes after tastecraftedmcd.tastecraftedmcd.comm revealed The go Dead machines AMC had identified a way to make torrents for the zombie epic harder to tastecraftedmcd.comme by.


The wade Dead season 8 is well underway now

AMC have actually quietly been putting secret, invisible watermarks on episodes of your shows.

These invisible, identify digital attributes are added to every AMC episode before they get spread by forensic watermarking for sure NexGuard.

The marks are added to assist AMC identify and also track down where leaks happen and who is responsible for them.

The digital watermarks, i m sorry AMC had very first started using last year, space meant tastecraftedmcd.comme stop any leaks prior to an episode gets broadcast.


The go Dead fans may distastecraftedmcd.comver torrents harder tastecraftedmcd.comme tastecraftedmcd.comme by

Speaking about the anti-piracy measure, AMC’s CTO Steve Pontillo said: "It is big for us to protect our assets as soon as they room at their many valuable.”

The AMC watermarking device is intended to make torrents harder to tastecraftedmcd.comme by and stop any type of damaging leaks front of an episode’s very first broadcast.

Earlier this year game of Thrones was hit by a number of high profiles leaks.

Besides a number of draft scripts gift leaked, full episodes of video game of Thrones penultimate season was leaked online prior to the air date.

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