You know that feeling when whatever seems to it is in going too well? you’d anticipated stress and also struggle, yet so far, it’s to be smooth sailing. Suddenly, alarm bells begin to walk off, as your tension tries to convince you something dreadful is just approximately the corner. You’re holding your breath, just waiting because that the other shoe come drop.

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If this sound familiar, then you absolutely must hear today’s message. Watch below!

Several year ago, i was do a large life change. Ns was nervous and also afraid, and also my stress and anxiety was in full swing, predicting how whatever would walk wrong. (See, you’re no alone in her anxiety. My brain loves to predict worst situation scenario as with yours!) ns anticipated all the anxiety I’d encounter and also the obstacles I’d face. I thought around all the hoops I’d have to jump through and also the hurdles I’d operation up against. My mind was doing the annoying point it does, predicting exactly how awful everything would go.

And climate you understand what? 3 weeks in, things were just fine. Points were going how amazing well. None of the horrible things i predicted to be coming true. The cruising felt too smooth. Things were walking a tiny too well. Mid-afternoon, ns texted Matt, share surprise about how well things were going. Close to the finish of the conversation, i said, “I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop, friend know?”

His an answer stopped me in my tracks. It to be so simple, however so profound. He said, “Well, we’ve dealt with plenty of dropped shoes before, and we always figure that out.”


I replayed his indigenous slowly. “We’ve dealt with plenty the dropped pair of shoes before, and we’ve always figured the out.” I wanted to argue through him, finding some way to discount his words. Yet he to be right. I have had many of dropped pair of shoes in my life, and I always figure the end a means to handle them, regroup, and also move forward.

If you’re wait for the other shoe to drop, think around this. How countless dropped shoes have you encountered?  How plenty of times has actually life thrown friend a curveball or not gone according to plan? But more importantly, how many times have you handled those to reduce shoes, figuring out a way to cope, deal, and also make the through?

And to be honest, waiting for the various other shoe come drop means “if.” If the other shoe drops. Yet you understand what? It’s no if the other shoe drops, the when. Because the various other shoe will drop. And so will certainly ten more shoes. This is life, y’all. And part of life is shoes dropping. You don’t only have actually two shoes throughout your entire life!

Life has an limitless supply of dropped shoes. It’s just how life works. So quite than waiting with baited breath, simply know and accept that yes, at part point, a shoe will drop.  and also you’ll take care of it. Do you know how I recognize you’ll take care of it? Because you have before.

So if you anxiously waiting for various other shoe come drop, psychic this. At some point, it will. Whether it is tomorrow, following week, or a year indigenous now, you’ll have another shoe drop. And also then 10 more after it. And also you recognize what? You’ll take care of it! Just prefer you’ve excellent every various other time before.

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You’ll usage your an abilities and your support system, and you’ll do it through.

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