After their parent Optus started offering cost-free music streaming on selected plans, Virgin mobile is now likewise offering music streaming native selected services on your $40 and above post-paid plans.

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Let’s be clear you still need to pay because that the service, but any kind of data you usage for these services is no counted versus your plan.

Just favor Optus, Virgin Mobile will not counting data used to currently music native Spotify, Pandora, Google pat Music, and also iHeartRadio. However, unequal Optus who provides this to your Pre-Paid customers, you’ll need to be top top a $40 or over post-paid plan.

The market is open to both new and existing customers, however only until the 31st that January 2018. Existing client will have to activate the offer through the my Account Rewards or contacting Virgin Mobile, but new customers will instantly have the switched on.

While streaming music is cost-free from the services detailed there space limits, Virgin cell phone is only covering data as much as 512kbps – so if your music quality is higher, you’re the end of luck. You additionally can’t present music come another maker using her phone together a hotspot.

While that nice to see free data, that does progressive the question around net neutrality, what about all the other music streaming solutions – to apologize Music etc. ?

In the US, carrier T-Mobile has been accused of skirting the network neutrality debate with their binge On organization which offers both video and Data streaming from selected services without counting the data in the direction of your monthly data cap. If on the surface it watch great, it would have tendency to stifle competition for solutions not consisted of in the free streaming option.

If you are currently a customer through the noted services, but it could end up being a slippery slope. Optus goes even further listing video clip services indigenous Netflix and Presto for their customers, properly screwing over Stan customers if they usage that service.

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Whether girlfriend agree with the implications or not, the music streaming option is currently there because that Virgin mobile Post-Paid customers. If you on the arrangement or in search of a new one, head over to Virgin cell phone to inspect it out.