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Get that Versace mine cologne mine city i put on i did the on my own song friend love. List contains Versace mine cologne mine city i placed on ns did the on my very own song of larger one songs and also hot brand-new releases. Acquire known every word of her favorite song or start your own karaoke party this evening :-).

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JOHN BLU - COLOGNE tastecraftedmcd.comIs it that Gucci, Versace that Issey Miyake? Spray my neck once, wrist twice, climate my body gain that Prada, Giovanni that Usher, Armani ... When I put on my cologne
Young Jeezy - put On come "Put On" by Young Jeezy. I placed on, I placed on / I put on / I placed on because that my city, ~ above on for my city / I put on because that my city, on on because that my city / I put on
Kanye West - Last call come "Last Call" by Kanye West. Yo fuck you, ... I put him ~ above songs with jay-z ... I had actually my own apartment. I be doin" like, ...
Drake - The calm come "The Calm" through Drake. ... Women borrow sweaters that i spray through my cologne ... Through my own set of difficulties that be sittin" on mine brain
Versace - Migos feat. Angel Haze,holding my very own like I"m ... I will certainly come ton her city and tear under a show in that Boy, Versace ... ~ above this to win now reason I put a verse on that Versace, ...
Migos - VersaceKing that Versace, Medusa my wifey My car is Versace, I acquired stripes on mine Mazi I"m dressin" so nicely they can"t even copy You"d think I"m Egyptian, this gold on my body
Kanye West - Last speak to tastecraftedmcd.comKanye West Kanye West – Last call $album_name ... I put him top top songs v Jay-Z ... I had actually my very own apartment.
Drake - right Hand tastecraftedmcd.comI would never ever put friend on blast when I get it. You"re my ... Just know that these streets just don"t love you favor I do and also they never will. You"re my best hand, ...
Young Jeezy - miss out on Me to "Miss Me" through Young Jeezy ... Man I swear my b-tches carry out it till lock ... It is nasty yes ns am Weezy yet I aint asthmatic James link cologne, hunny i placed on
Bryson Tiller - Ten nine come "Ten nine Fourteen" track by Bryson Tiller: ... Guess I"m dirty city raised, ... My shawty mama put me out the crib, ...
Jacquees - top top ItRight below with my uncle Stunna, High Life and I to be Jacquees ... I very own it If she living in mine city, ... Put it under for mine town
KANYE WEST - LAST call tastecraftedmcd.comKanye West - Last call Yo crap you, kanye, an initial and foremost because that making me execute this shit. Muh"fucker had actually to throw everybody out the motherfucking room "cause they
Cassidy - record A body tastecraftedmcd.comCatch A human body ... And also then smack you with your very own hand Man, ... Yeah, I run my city like wide Street. Do you really wanna take it there?
2 Chainz - wherein U Been? to "Where U Been?" track by 2 Chainz: I store my hoes in check, ... Everything I very own paid off ... Ns ride with the city my niggas got choppers
Lana Del Rey - Blue come "Blue Jeans" tune by Lana Del Rey: Blue jeans, white shirt Walked into the room you understand you make my eyes burn the was favor James Dean f...
Soulja young - In mine to "In mine Zone" tune by Soulja Boy: ... Everything I very own Kush is my cologne, ... I put that ~ above the phone capture me in my city and also I"ll screw, ...
Drake - UptownI just constantly did my very own thing, ... You deserve to run one tell my city it"s top top Yeah, ... Placed it to you appropriate It"s it s okay
Drake - The come "The Calm" song by Drake: Uh, ... Women borrow sweaters that i spray through my cologne ... Through my own set of troubles that it is in sittin" on my brain
Iamsu! - another Day another to "Another Day one more Dollar" song by Iamsu!: ... I obtained my city on my shoulders, ... Had actually to absent my very own shit, had actually to placed the Bape down
The video game - Ali to "Ali Bomaye" track by The Game: acquire my human being out them chain nigga I average handcuffs, time to male up placed my hand up? ... I"m in a class of mine own, ...
WIZ KHALIFA - speak U will certainly tastecraftedmcd.comWiz Khalifa - say U will certainly ... "I placed on" favor Kan stated on the Jeezy ... Versace, mine city tryin lock me hahaha
Kool Keith - new York City tastecraftedmcd.comNew York City ... My boss cologne suits me well on the brand-new York City fixed transit ... Put on part lipstick or carry out somethin
SonReal - Alright come "Alright Okay" tune by SonReal: ... I put my nigga"s on ask Huddini It"s all beginning to take form ... For you to listen to my song file own and also flip a ...
Drake - The come "The Calm" tune by Drake: Uh, ... Females borrow sweaters that i spray v my cologne ... V my own set of troubles that be sittin" on my brain
DJ Khaled - On my come "On my Way" tune by DJ Khaled: I"m top top my method This goin the end to every hood us gonna do it You deserve to ... I put on my totality city ... Girls ask me what my cologne is
SOULJA young - IN mine ZONE - that on my card, this is no a floch Fuck her 9 come 5, Soulja don’t perform day tasks Cashed up on deck, man, we carry out this all the moment Stacks ~ above deck, boy, stay up on ...
Z-Ro - contact My Phone"Call mine Phone" ... Ns don"t need know help my nigga I deserve to do bad on my very own ... Put a ring on my very own finger cause I sleep v Z-RO
Rick Ross feat. Jeezy - War prepared because that War prepared by ... In the middle lane Did part thangs for my niggas which ns can"t describe Versace ... Will never die a fuck nigga Shoutout to my city, ...
Migos - One TimeOnly take it one time for me to put my eyes on girlfriend ... One track Versace and also it gained us the call ... Start fucking increase the city currently we acquired our very own lane
Meek Mill - from Da Bottom (Feat. Guordan) tastecraftedmcd.comMeek Mill - native Da Bottom (Feat. Guordan) ... Till I intervene I put my niggas on ... I"m punch up ns did my very own thing
Kirko Bangz - Cup Up height to "Cup Up height Down" track by Kirko Bangz: ... But no nigga gotta placed Kirko top top ... I-10 is my leave I perform this shit because that the city, ...
Ali Bomaye (featuring 2 Chainz & rick Ross ...The video game - Ali Bomaye (featuring 2 Chainz & stack Ross) (Intro: Game) acquire my human being out them chain nigga I typical handcuffs, time to man up placed my hands up?
Drake - The patience for The patience by ... Sweaters that i spray through my cologne and also tell me don"t forget "em and I ... As a artist I"m a king with my own collection of ...

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DRAKE - THE patience - - The patience I"m simply so far gone, October"s own Please leave me alone Drunk turn off champagne, ... Women borrow sweaters that i spray through my cologne
Kanye West - last to "Last Call" tune by Kanye West: ... I put him top top songs with Jay-Z ... I had my very own apartment.

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