Fortbyte #19 has been added to the Fortnite map and also this collectible has players chasing down one more piece that the Fortbyte puzzle by finding a spaceship building. Over there is a secondary requirement to grab Fortbyte #19. Football player will likewise need to have unlocked the Vega Skin via the fight Pass. If you have not unlocked the Vega Outfit as soon as attempting to complete this challenge or you do not have actually it equipped you will have the ability to see the Fortbyte, but not connect with it.

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The Vega Outfit is unlocked at Tier 47 the the fight Pass

The Vega skin is unlocked as component of the fight Pass as a Tier 47 reward. The skin is an epic Outfit that is component of the Bounty Hunter set. If you have actually it, equip it prior to heading the end to discover the spaceship building.

The Spaceship structure is located south that Shifty Shafts


The Spaceship building is located south the Shifty Shafts and also east the Polar optimal in a little clearing beside a mountain. The spaceship building is nice recognizable together it is a structure that looks prefer a spaceship that has been constructed out that the Fortnite structure materials. Fortbyte #19 is located on the south end of this structure.

As noted above girlfriend will require the Vega outfit equipped to collect the item. As soon as you do, you have the right to head earlier into the difficulties > Fortbytes tab in the main menu to see which piece of the puzzle has actually been revealed.

There will be 100 Fortbytes released throughout Season 9 the Fortnite. We’ve compiled a perform of all Fortbytes to assist you track down each one.

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