In the "Camouflage" thread, the idea was lugged forth that there was actually a second sister in the Therese/Jeanette backstory, and also that she was killed together with their father, and the making it through sister felt so guilty that she "recreated" her personality, so that she wasn"t dead. Below are my thoughts on the subject.I don"t think there was one more sister. Accounts present multiple personality disorders regularly stem from part traumatic experience, and sexual abuse is in ~ the peak of the list, together with physical abuse. The second sister theory is possible, yet I have tendency to think that the multiple individualities is an ext likely, for this reason Occam"s Razor points to the one. Besides, in instances where one human assume the personality of someone who has actually died, the disorder follows a various pattern of habits than the one displayed by Therese/Jeanette. Ns think the developer researched MPDs, and also wrote your story so that it followed timeless symptoms of multiple personalities.Also, both "siblings" spoke of how their father wouldn"t let them go outside to play, due to the fact that it was as well "dangerous"... A usual tactic through abusive parents, so the child doesn"t talk to everyone else, and also reveal the abuse. I uncover it unlikely the a father prefer that would certainly abuse one twin, and not the other, and still allow them to play together... If the were the case, that wouldn"t want the one he was abusing to tell she sister, and also they would be separated as well. This is additionally common. Therefore the multiple personalities were there prior to the father to be killed.Here"s more food for thought... Which to be the initial "sister"? ns think it was Jeanette, because Therese to be the one that was abused by their father, and also the one who killed him, for this reason she could want to distance herself from both of those action by speak it happened to who else. Climate again, possibly Therese was the initial one, and also the "Jeanette" personality was developed to have actually some safe "haven" to retreat to, in the face of the father"s abuse. Until, that course, that abused she while the Jeanette personality remained in control. This could explain why Therese shed control and also killed him... Not simply out of jealousy, however he had actually taken away she refuge native his abuse, and also drastic activity was referred to as for. Thoughts, anyone?

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Re: Jeanette and Therese - one sisters or two?
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It wouldn"t surprised me at all if there were only one of them. I mean she is Malk after all. Ns would bank on Therese gift the initial though. I don"t think over there is any method to yes, really know. Ns didn"t choose Jeanette. I"m female.